The agile42 Approach

At agile42 we are experts in helping organizations of all sizes and from all branches to successfully adopt agile methods. Depending on your needs we can guide and support your company through an Agile Transition as well as support your teams in doing scrum. We introduce proven practices and, more importantly, we help your teams understand the principles behind the practices. Instead of presenting you with a predefined blueprint, we help you in setting up your own way of working Agile. We can enable you to find your solution and optimize your processes through retrospection and continuous improvement.


Scrum Artefacts

Product Backlog

The requirements for the product are listed in the Product Backlog. It is an always changing, dynamically prioritized list of requirements ordered by Business Value. Requirements are broken down into User Stories by the PO.

Burndown Chart

The Burndown chart shows the amount of work remaining per Sprint. It is a very useful way of visualizing the correlation between work remaining at any point in time and the progress of the Team(s). It inspects their progress in relation to the Planning by using the Burndown Chart, and makes adjustments as necessary.

Sprint Backlog

The Sprint Backlog contains all the committed User Stories for the current Sprint broken down into Tasks by the Team. All items on the Sprint Backlog should be developed, tested, documented and integrated to fullfil the commitment.

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Agilo™for Scrum

The next generation of Agilo for Scrum addresses the needs of each scrum role by providing an intuitive workflow that facilitates the ceremonies of the scrum process, and by exposing simple interfaces for managing the scrum artifacts.

Planning Poker

Planning Poker cards help you to estimate complex tasks. Included in this Planning Poker set is the Business Value game, helping you to get the commitment of your stakeholders on the value of specific requirements. Game Instructions

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Scrum Implementation

agile42 has helped a lot of companies to introduce Scrum successfully. Agilo is based on these experiences. More about our consulting and training approach and some references are available here: