Scrumtisch Berlin, April

The April Scrumtisch in Berlin: 22nd April 2009 Thoralf from NSN will talk about: Agile Creation of Multi-Product Solutions. We are looking forward to this interesting speech.

9 March 2009
Scrumtisch Berlin
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    Hi all together,

    last time the invitation to the next Scrumtisch came really late. Therefore here the invitation for the next one a bit more in advance ;-)

    The next Scrumtisch in Berlin takes place at:

    Day: Wednesday, 22nd April
    Time: 18:00 Uhr
    Place: DiVino Restaurant, Grünberger Str. 69, Friedrichshain

    Topic: Thoralf, will present his speech from the Orlando ScrumGathering

    Agile Creation of Multi-Product Solutions

    • Motivation for Network Solutions and their Agility
    • Scaling Single Product Creation
    • Product Solutions using Scrum
    • Customizing Projects
    • Outlook

    Please let me know if you are coming to be able to organise the space ;-)


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    I'll be there :-)

    Oh, could I come too?

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