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“Effective User Stories" and “Agile Estimation and Planning Trainings

Martin Kearns official Partner of agile42 is giving 2 classes in September: “Effective User Stories for Agile Requirements” and “Agile Estimation and Planning

30 July 2009
agile estimation and planning, effective user stories, scrum

There are still some places left in Berlin for the Trainings “Effective User Stories for Agile Requirements” and “Agile Estimation and Planning”.

Date: 4. / 5. September
Place: Berlin

For more information please contact:

Neuer Scrum Artikel über Product Owner

Balance halten: Im neuen IX Magazin (Heft 8/2009) ist nun der Scrum Artikel zum Thema Product Owner erschienen.

24 July 2009
agile, artikel, product owner, scrum, scrum article

"Wer agile Softwareentwicklung betreiben will, trifft früher oder später unweigerlich auf Scrum. Erfolg verspricht dieses Vorgehen allerdings nur dann, wenn man die definierten Rollen mit den richtigen Personen besetzt.

So viel zum Aufmacher des Artikels. Im Moment gibts den Artikel nur als Print Ausgabe:

Geregelte Selbstbestimmung

Scrum Artikel zum Download. Download the Scrum Article from the IX Magazin 6/2009

13 July 2009
scrum einführung, scrum implementation, scrum tool, scrum tools


Den im IX Magazin 6/2009 erschienenen Artikel von mir kann man bei bekommen. (Geregelte Selbstbestimmung)[]

Die (englische Variante gibts hier)[]


The article published on the IX Magazin 6/2009 by me, it is now available on the Heise website. (Scrum Overview)[]

(Here the english version:)[]

Sprint Planning, Just Enough & Just in Time

How to get a reasonable Sprint commitment without having to spend too much time in breaking down tasks at the Sprint Planning meeting, while being quite sure that you are going to make it

6 July 2009
Agilo, Scrum, Training

Never had the problem that the Sprint Planning Meeting often is at risk of going out of the time-box, and eventually the Development Teams didn't manage to fill up the Sprint Backlog with all the needed tasks?

I want to share with you a way - for sure no rocket science, but "Common Sense" as Ken would say - in which you can have a team committed to the deliverables, without having to struggle with the tasks breakdown, and at the same time having a "good enough" understanding about the commitment given to move forward... interesting? Than read forward :-)

The idea ...

The Optimal UnitTesting environment II

In the [last episode]( I talked about the huge difference it makes to automate the execution of [unit tests]( on each file save.

6 July 2009
Scrum, Training
browsers, qunit, unittesting

In the last episode I talked about the huge difference it makes to automate the execution of unit tests on each file save.

This is all great and good - if you have the luxury to work with a language which can be reached from the shell.

Since we work with lots of JavaScript in the development of Agilo for Scrum, we have a problem. Of course there are tools like Narwhal that make it much easier to also run JS from the shell, but its not the same, and also it's very hard to debug javascript in there if ...

Scrumtisch July 2009

Next Scrumtisch in July

3 July 2009
Scrumtisch Berlin
agile, berlin, scrum, scrum berlin

Here comes the next date for the Scrumtisch. Please NOTE: We start half an hour later at 18:30.

Date: 23rd July 2009
Time: 18:30 (6:30 pm)
Place: Ristorante Di Vino, Grünberger Str. 69, Berlin Friedrichshain

Please let me know if you would like to come.
Have a nice weekend

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