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As we get the opportunity to work with more people in more organisations helping them transform their world of work, ...

19 June 2010
Scrum Sense

As we get the opportunity to work with more people in more organisations helping them transform their world of work, two things stand out again and again:

  1. Scrum teams need both a full-time and committed Product Owner and ScrumMaster to become high-performing. To think that we can treat these two as part-time, add-on roles while we get on with our "real day-jobs" is just kidding ourselves and, worse, it is robbing us of the very gains we seek. I see this embodied in the first two Scrum Values: commitment and focus.

  2. Management is rooted in old practices and habits that have been proved by empirical research over many decades to be just wrong. Yet these ideas persist. Our hardest job as coaches is to help such managers to trust that their people really want to do their best and are only asking for an opportunity to do so. I think the remaining three Scrum Value of openness, respect and courage speak to this problem.

Carlo sent me a lovely animated rendition of Dan Pink's famous talk about the science of motivation. It omits to the lovely example of the "candle problem" in the original TED talk, but it captures the essence of his message that what drives us are the intrinsic motivators of autonomy, mastery and purpose.

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