Scrumtisch June 2011

Virtual Tour of an Embedded Agile Team

25 May 2011
Scrumtisch Berlin

Hello together :-)

The Scrumtisch Berlin proudly presents Nancy Van Schooenderwoert

Topic of the Scrumtisch

Virtual Tour of an Embedded Agile Team

Embedded systems development holds challenges that include software tightly coupled to evolving hardware, an end customer who usually cannot interact with you, and a long period of infrastructure building before any business-value features are built. These challenges have convinced many embedded developers that Agile is not for them. This presentation takes you on a virtual tour of an actual Agile team developing software and firmware for a safety-critical embedded system. We follow their first iteration. We’ll look at what worked and what didn’t, and how everyone dealt with it. By this virtual visit, Nancy explains how “plain vanilla” Agile practices leave a gap that embedded developers find especially hard to bridge – and also the Embedded Agile practices that solve the problem. Agile principles need not be watered down or compromised when you are faced with the challenges of embedded systems development. On the contrary, they truly shine in complex situations where there is too much uncertainty for sequential processes to work well.

Date & Time

Date: 30th June 2011
Time: 18:30 Uhr
Place: Restaurant KuchenRausch, Simon-Dach-Str. 1, 10245 Berlin

CU there and please let me know (as usuall) who is joining:

Bio of Nancy Van Schooenderwoert

Nancy is an Agile Enterprise coach and founder of Lean-Agile Partners, Inc. She has over a decade of experience applying Agile practices as an engineer, manager, and consultant. She has led Agile change initiatives in safety-critical, highly regulated industries, and coached clients in the art of Agile technical and management leadership. Nancy's experience spans embedded software and hardware development for applications in aerospace, factory automation, medical devices, defense systems, as well as financial services. She holds a BSCE in Computer Engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology and is a regular presenter at many Agile-related and other industry conferences. She is also President of Agile New England (formerly called Agile Bazaar).

CU there Marion

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Hi guys, here are the slides from Nancy's presentation:


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