Agilo for Scrum and Agilo for trac

Agilo for Scrum based on trac will become Agilo for trac.

31 May 2011
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    Hello Everybody,

    Agilo Software developed a new and special Scrum Tool. This tool addresses the needs of each scrum role, facilitates the ceremonies and guides the user throught the scrum process in a complete new and extraordinary way. Therefor we decided to call this new generation of Scrum Tool:

    Agilo for Scrum


    The one of you who are already customers and use Agilo since a while know, that we based the first generation of Agilo on trac. Therefor we call it from now on:

    Agilo for trac


    Agilo Software will distribute both Tools and support them as usuall. Just the names have changed ;-)

    For questions please contact

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    For me, downloads are not working at No matter what file I am trying, I always get zero bytes downloads.

    HI there,

    the problem is solved. Thanks a lot for telling us.


    Now this fix came quick :) Thank you

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