Webinar on Agile Testing

agile42 coach Dave Sharrock together with Joe Justice will host a webinar on Agile testing on Wednesday, December 17th

15 December 2014
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Scrum is predicated on having working software at the end of the Sprint. Without top-tier engineering and test practices teams will struggle.

Joe Justice and I will be hosting a webinar on Agile Testing, which will be broadcasted live starting Wednesday, December 17th at 11:00am Eastern. Please refer to registration page at Scrum Inc. for all information and viewing options.

We will show how the fastest teams use Test-Driven Development to create quality product very rapidly.  The 1-hour session will cover:

  • The mindset of managing a successful agile testing practice.
  • Test Driven Development, Test First Development, DevTest, DevTestOps.
  • Unit Testing, Integration Testing, Regression Testing, User Acceptance Testing.
  • Tools to make this happen quickly.
  • Gated Check-in and Rapid Roll Back in hardware and Software.

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Discussion 6 Comments

Hi Dave,

Really enjoyed your webinar today. You provided a lot of great content that will help teams get to done.

When you say the time to fix a bug should be within 2 hours, are these bugs found with unit tests run on the CI server? Does this also include bugs found in production software?

Hi Steve

Thanks for the feedback - the king of all metrics is for any bug, whether introduced through development inside the sprint, or escaped defects discovered in production.

This can mean that the goal of sub-2 hours is a tough goal to start with, but as teams regain control of the technical debt (often by building out better diagnostic tools) the target becomes much more realistic.

Hello, Will you be having this Webinar again? I have a QA Engineering colleague who would benefit from this as he is new to Agile and it would be a great refresher for me!

Happy Holidays!

Hi Patricia - there's no plan for a repeat. However, the webinar is being prepared for upload to scrum labs (

Hope that helps.

Happy Holidays...

Recently took a Lean class and learned about Deming's Chain Reaction. By creating a mashup of XP and Deming's chain reaction, I believe that teams practicing TDD well can trigger this reaction and realize the benefits of the Chain Reaction.

Agile Testing (including TDD) definitely primes the pump for the Chain Reaction.

In fact, compared to traditional product delivery methods, Agile methods as a whole (including Agile Engineering Practices such as those Joe and I discussed) play an important role in accelerating Deming's Chain Reaction.

Agile methods address each of the key levers to decreasing costs described by Deming.

One of the reasons a good Agile practice is so valuable to an organization, and quickly becoming essential to remain competitive.




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