Marius de Beer in Cape Town and Johannesburg

Join coach Marius de Beer for a "Breakfast of Champions" in Cape Town and Johannesburg to talk about Preventing Burnout in an Agile organization

22 February 2017

This year marks the tenth anniversary of our activities in South Africa and we want to start the celebrations in style. We are organizing a Breakfast of Champions, a thought-provoking event to discuss organisational agility.

Marius de BeerWe will discuss Preventing Burnout with agile42 coach Marius de Beer: many so-called “Agile” teams find themselves sprinting endlessly from one deadline to the next. Leaders are understandably frustrated at the missed promises of Agile. People are feeling unbearable pressure from the endlessly growing demands of modern life. No less a person than Adriana Huffington is these days focussing her energy on helping people to thrive. The Agile Manifesto states: "Sponsors, developers, and users should be able to maintain a constant pace indefinitely." What can we do practically to follow this principle?

Marius is an engineer with deep software and hardware experience. He studied Scrum with Ken Schwaber and Kanban with David Anderson. Over the last decade he has focussed on improving human systems in organisations. He has done this as an external consultant in many contexts and as the internal coach of a 6000 person multi-national organisation. He is a former partner in agile42 South Africa. He has been based in Vancouver since 2011 and works with agile42 Canada.

Join is on March 1 at the River Club in Cape Town, and on March 8 in Johannesburg at the Wanderers Club

While in South Africa, Marius will also speak at SUGSA meetup in Cape Town on February 23rd, at the SUGSA meetup in Johnnesburg on March 8th and at DevConf South Africa on March 9th.

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