Sponsorship of Mile High Agile 2017 in Denver

agile42 sponsoring MHA17 in Denver, 22-23 May 2017 featuring a talk by Richard Dolman and Dhaval Panchal

16 May 2017

agile42 is happy to be again a sponsor for the 2017 Mile High Agile Conference “Elevating the Agile Organization”. The event, organized annually by non-profit Agile Denver, will take place May 22 and May 23 2017 at the Hyatt Regency Denver, Colorado.

This year, they are introducing a new, 2-day format to give participants more opportunities to expand their Agile skills. On Monday, May 22nd, the conference will consist of the kick off keynote with Joshua Kerievsky and a full day of sessions. On Tuesday, May 23rd, participants will contribute to what we discuss and learn together through an innovative participant-driven process called Open Space. Melissa Perri will conclude the event as the closing keynote speaker.

Mile High Agile 2017

Richard Dolman and Dhaval Panchal will present "Virtues of an Agile Coach: Group discovery workshop on your powerful (often silent) influence". Just as important as the "doing" part of agile coaching is the "being" part. Agile coaching is more about who you are and what behaviors you model. The powerful (and often silent) influence you have because of who you are and how agile values shine through your every move should not be underestimated, it's potent stuff. Through your being, you impose a long lasting impact on people , teams, organizations, much more so than applying a whole text book of agile techniques perfectly.
This workshop helps us identify the virtues that got us where we are and determine which to focus on and how to improve them over time so that we are best able to support our teams as coaches.

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