Growing Agile at Keep Austin Agile 2017

agile42 sponsors Keep Austin Agile 2017, with sessions by Dhaval Panchal and Dave Sharrock

24 May 2017

Change is hard; in their attempt to transform, organizations frequently ignore the impact of organizational culture. To evolve, we need to make our culture explicit and then design together in a shared direction. Organizational leaders need courage to accept the current state of their organizational culture, appreciate aspects that are in alignment with their strategy, and prepare to make cultural shift where needed. 

Leaders that ignore prevalent organizational culture and try to install popular frameworks run into pitfalls and are unable to create environment of continuous improvement, which is at the heart of being agile. Patience with organizational change cycle is a must and lacking any guiding principles organizations revert to form and get trapped in Wagile.

We will talk about this during my session Stop Scaling, Start Growing - Culture as a First-class Concern & Principles for Growing Agile at Keep Austin Agile 2017 tomorrow, May 25th at the JW Marriott in Austin, Texas.

Keep Austin Agile

The conference is a one-day event bringing together 750 attendees from over 200 companies and all walks of Agile expertise for a day full of education, networking, and fun. We are very happy to be silver sponsor of this conference, organized by Agile Austin, Austin’s community of Agile & Lean software practitioners. During the event Dave Sharrock and myself will also participate in the Game Space where we will showcase the Kanban Pizza Game.

Unfortunately the conference is already sold out (there is a waiting list if you feel lucky) but we will surely report on this blog!

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