Scrumtisch April 2016

4. April 2016 - Scrumtisch in Berlin

Dear friends,

here's the schedule for the next Scrumtisch in Berlin :

  • Date: 4th of April, 2016
  • Time: 18:30 
  • PlaceCafe 100 Wasser, Krossener Str. 14, 10245 Berlin 

If you would like to attend, please send a message to, or register at the Scrum User Group on Xing.

We are looking forward to meeting you and seeing you again! :-)



Agile Transition in German magazine wissensmanagement

Article "Agile Transition: New roles require new thinking" appearing in March, 2016 issue of German magazine wissensmanagement

14 March 2016

I have been asked to author an article about Agile Transition in the German magazine wissensmanagement. The article will appear in the March issue with title Agile Transition: New roles require new thinking (Neue Rollen erfordern neues Denken).

Logo wissensmanagement magazineIn the article we explain how Agile methods help companies to adapt quickly to changing market conditions and remain competitive. An Agile Transition is not made of individual tools or methods, but requires the willingness to learn and to continual improvement ahead. These are concepts that we often teach and coach as part of our Enterprise Transition Framework™. It's been a ...

Notes from the Berlin Scrumtisch of February 2016

A selection of photos from the February, 2016 meeting of Berlin Scrumtisch, the official Scrum User Group

11 March 2016
Scrumtisch Berlin
scrum alliance, scrumtisch

Scrumtisch Berlin met again in February 2016 and this time we were at Café 100 Wasser in Friedrichshain. It was a full house with more than 60 Scrum practitioners. Standing room only! The session was facilitated by Gregory Keegan (CSM,CSP,CTC) and Andrea Tomasini (CST,CSC) who gave his expert advice to people who raised issues or problems they were facing in their organisation.

Click for a full gallery of the evening.

Berlin Scrumtisch February 2016

Welcome to our new coaches

New agile42 coaches Javier Pérez Fernández and Sam Lipson

4 March 2016

Nothing makes us happier than expanding our worldwide team of Agile coaches in order to provide good and reliable training and coaching to our clients in Europe, North America and South Africa. And starting March, two new coaches join our worldwide team.

Javier Pérez Fernández joins our European team based in Germany. He invested his first career years working as developer and business analyst in Madrid. When Javier moved to Berlin, he discovered his passion: to help teams and organizations in their cultural transformation towards agility working first  as Scrum Master and later as Team Coach. He is ...

Making Time for Refactoring

When we refactor in small increments as we develop code, we’re able to spend a few minutes at a time keeping our code at a high level of quality

One of the most common things I hear about refactoring is that there isn’t enough time for it. I hear that there is important refactoring to the code and architecture that will take days or weeks and there’s no time to fit that in because of tight timetables.

Often times teams write off refactoring as something other teams with more time get to do, but not them. The truth is all teams have tight timetables for delivering their software and the key to refactoring is not more relaxed deadlines (deadlines do need to be realistic, but that’s ...

Meet The Coach: Daniel Lynn

In this interview, Agile Coach Daniel Lynn, shares the inspiration for doing what he does so well

1. Can you summarize for us your career path and how you came to be an Agile coach?

My career path was a bit winding. I started programming as a kid and that led me into early jobs writing software - mostly continuing education software for universities and government agencies. Eventually, I set software development aside to spend a few years working in data center operations. However, a number of projects in what we would now call DevOps brought me back to development. 

Building software that automates datacenter automation can be hectic and about this time, our team started learning about ...

How to do Scrum better?

Do Better Scrum is an unofficial set of tips and insights into how to implement Scrum well free for download in various languages

9 February 2016

Do Better Scrum cover

We often distribute a list of read-further pointers that are useful for students that have attended our Certified ScrumMaster and Certified Scrum Product Owner trainings, and for anyone interested in deepening their understanding of Scrum. Some of these topics are discussed during our 2-day classes while others are left for further exploration.

A good read to sum up the learning about Scrum is Do Better Scrum, an unofficial set of tips and insights into how to implement Scrum well, free for download.

Do Better Scrum is written by Certified Scrum Coach & agile42 Trainer Peter Hundermark and translated in French, German ...

Agile & Gaming Companies

Handling rich creative content in a traditional Scrum team doesn’t always work as we might think: a single cross-functional team might simply be too large

28 January 2016
Product Owner, Scrum & XP, agile

In many cases, the artwork and creative elements of a product, such as a game, requires work from many skilled artists, from graphic artists and UX to animators and audio engineers. Creating an art team to deliver art assets, and having them operate as a Scrum team can work. But there can be challenges with this too. In the following article I describe the experience of a gaming company that experimented with art Scrum teams and ended up combining engineering Scrum teams with art Kanban teams. This change was driven by the art team as an experiment, with the clear ...

Join us in Munich to celebrate 25 years of OOP Conference

agile42 will be a silver sponsor of OOP 2016 in Munich where Andrea Tomasini will present a talk on February 3rd

28 January 2016

We are very happy to be once again a sponsor of OOP 2016 Conference in Munich, Germany, which celebrates this year its 25th birthday! The event will run from 1 to 5 February 2016 at the International Congress Center Munich (ICM).

OOP Konferenz 2016Over a quarter of a century, OOP has provided the platform for both technical and business professionals to update their knowledge and share their wisdom. Architects, developers, requirements-engineers, or testers as well as technical managers and leaders gain an excellent view on the state-of-the-art of the interplay of software and business. Year after year, OOP offers a succesful blend ...

Insurance industry case study

A major player in the insurance industry moved away from traditional project management to Agile with the help of agile42 approach and tools

18 January 2016

In business, significant organizational change is challenging, particularly for large, well-established corporations. Change of this nature involves a substantial investment and a level of risk. Yet, with today’s increasingly competitive market demanding faster, more efficient product delivery, even traditionally risk-averse businesses are making critical decisions to stay in the game. 

Such is the case with a company in the insurance industry that began the transformation from a Waterfall project management method to an Agile approach in 2014 with the implementation of two successful pilot teams. When moving forward and scaling beyond these pilots required a more comprehensive approach, the ...

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