Notes from the November Scrumtisch

The November Berlin Scrumtisch took place on Thursday with the presence of 10 agile42 coaches

28 November 2014
Scrumtisch Berlin

It's been a thrilling special event for Berlin Scrumtisch (the Scrum User Group officially approved by the Scrum Alliance). Since a number of European coaches of agile42 were in town for their scheduled European Coach Camp, the Scrumtisch has featured a Meet the Coach night where Certified Scrum Coaches and Certified Scrum Trainers have taken lead on the topics proposed by the audience. The gathering took place at the American Diner Berlin in Friedrichshain, and you can see the sixties-inspired place from the photos!

Scrumtisch November topics

Users picked topics from the big board and (self-)organized in groups to discuss them ...

Learning by doing: CSPO class video

Coach Dhaval Panchal explains how he used video production to teach teamwork in Scrum during his training class

27 November 2014
Scrum, Training
cspo, scrum

For my recent Certified Scrum Product Owner class, I asked participants to make a video that they can take back to their colleagues at their work places. This post captures the activities of one such team and their progression to making an awesome final video. Here is the final video after their fourth sprint. (each sprint was 20 mins duration)

How does this compare to their product vision statement?

Folks who made this video did not have any video editing experience and they had to learn technology (windows movie maker) and develop content during their sprint working time (20 mins ...

ETF featured in Croatian magazine

Andrea Tomasini has been recently interviewed in the Croatian magazine Mreža

25 November 2014
croatia, croz, etf

agile42 founder and strategic coach Andrea Tomasini has been interviewed in the latest issue of Mreža, the leading Croatian monthly magazine for IT professionals.

Snippet from Mreža magazine

The article focused on the Enterprise Transition Framework™ (ETF), agile42 solution to address organizational learning and improvement through an empirical, evolutionary approach that allows you to align business goals with transition goals.

Andrea Tomasini in Croatia in 2014, photo Mreža

We are currently expanding our activities in Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia through the partnership with CROZ recently announced. Contact us to get to know more!

News update 2014/11 - Here Be Dragons - Scaling Agile

Peter Hundermark has shared the slides of his presentation, "<a ...

Serpents and DragonsPeter Hundermark has shared the slides of his presentation, "Here Be Dragons - Scaling Agile", from the global Scrum Gathering in Berlin and the regional Scrum Gathering in Cape Town.

The presentation focuses on the structural and process dimension of scaling agility. Peter describes 3 "laws" of scaling and sets out 10 patterns that he has found helpful over the years as a consultant and coach.

Interesting Links

Interesting Links

Momentum BTS

Momentum BTS have embarked on a journey of learning and innovation by introducing Kanban as a way of managing their work. They have posted a short video on YouTube illustrating the ...

Scrumtisch November 2014

26. November 2014 - Scrumtisch in Berlin

Dear friends,

the next Scrumtisch will have a special format. Since we have many great Agile Coaches in Berlin (Bent Myllerup, Andrea Tomasini, Peter Hundemark, Lasse Ziegler, Niels Verdonk, Gregory Keagan,  Gaetano Mazzanti and many more) we will change the format of the next Scrumtisch to something like:

Meet the Coach

Here's the schedule:

  • Date: 26th of November, 2014
  • Time: 18:30 
  • Place: American Diner Berlin, Boxhagener Str. 108 (formerly known as Restaurant "Deseo")

If you would like to attend, please send a message to, or register at the Scrum User Group on Xing.

We are ...

Here Be Dragons - Scaling Agile

I gave a talk at the global Scrum Gathering in Berlin and two weeks later this revised (and improved?) version ...

8 November 2014
Scrum Sense

I gave a talk at the global Scrum Gathering in Berlin and two weeks later this revised (and improved?) version at the regional Scrum Gathering in Cape Town.

Scaling agility in any organisation requires attention to both cultural and structural dimensions. The culture aspect rests in providing modern leadership and change management. I provide only a passing reference here to this dimension. My presentation here is focussed on the structural and process dimension.

I describe 3 "laws" of scaling. These are observations or empirical laws. Then I set out 10 patterns that I have found helpful over nearly a decade ...

Invitation to the Advanced Agile Team Coaching Course

Join agile42 coaches to learn a more structured approach to coaching teams

6 November 2014

agile42 friends who were present at the Scrum Gathering Berlin may have attended our workshop on Effectively Coaching Agile Teams: you can check the blog write-up which includes a short video highlighting the structure of the talk and all materials of the workshop.

The workshop was a very short digest of our years of experience, and from that agile42 is now introducing the Advanced Agile Team Coaching Course aimed at ScrumMasters, Team Coaches and others who wants to take their skills, knowledge and abilities for coaching and facilitating teams to a professional level beyond the basics.

The course is held ...

Trabi-Safari in Berlin!

You may have seen agile42 coaches driving around Berlin in oddly coloured old cars

24 October 2014

Every year, all coaches and the complete staff of agile42 meets for a two-day International Coach Camp: this is pinnacle of our company alignment, with more frequent meetings for regional or national coach camps in the rest of year. As you can expect, bringing together all coaches leads to all sort of fun, good work and strange activities!

This year the International Coach Camp has been organised in our European HQ of Berlin to coincide with the Global Scrum Gathering that took place in the German capital a few days earlier, and had seen agile42 as a sponsor and Marion ...

Centralized Control : Trapped in Wagile (Part 4 of 4)

This is the last part in the series “Trapped in Wagile”

20 October 2014
agile, transition, waterfall

This is the last part in the series “Trapped in Wagile”. In the kick-off article I outlined three fundamental characteristics of waterfall organizations. In subsequent articles I explained Phase-Gates (part 2) and Large-batch handoffs (part 3). In this article I am diving deeper in to centralized control characteristics. Tendencies to centralize control of decisions stem from mis-understanding of complexity inherent in real world projects.

An expert plumber can understand how the pipes and systems in a building fit together and behave. A plumber can break a complicated plumbing system into parts and know how they will behave together. 

Behavior of ...

CROZ is agile42 partner for Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia

On October 16 in Zagreb, CROZ has officially been confirmed as exclusive partner of agile42 for Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia

17 October 2014

Yesterday during a nice meeting in their headquarters in Zagreb we confirmed the exclusive partnership for Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia with CROZ, the first under our new partner program. CROZ will provide services such as education, consulting and coaching and they have already started to negotiate with several potential clients in Croatia and the region.

We also presented agile42 solutions with a focus on the Enterprise Transition Framework™ (ETF) that leads and supports an organization through the process of becoming more Agile.

You can read more on CROZ site and in the meantime welcome aboard to our new friends!

Krešimir Musa of CROZ

In ...

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