Agile Embedded Software Development, what's wrong with it?

On February 18th we will give the keynote to the "Embedded meets Agile" conference in Munich

17 February 2014

We are in 2014 and still someone is challenging the fact that you can't use an Agile approach to develop embedded systems, why? What's wrong with embedded software development? Well, there are somethings which makes it harder than needed: Dependencies with hardware releases, fixed delivery dates, inadequate software tools, limited adaptation possibility due to hardware costs… and yes, one more thing, really special: culture!

Agile embedded software development at Ericsson

We would like to focus the keynote we are giving to Embedded Meets Agile 2014 in analyzing some example cases that include the “limitations” listed above and also give you some hints on how ...

Introducing the agile42 Enterprise Transition Framework

We present the Enterprise Transition Framework (ETF) allowing an organization to implement continuous improvement and to experience Agile change

10 February 2014

Enterprise Transition Framework agile42 has always believed that Agile is more about a change in mindset than yet-another-process-definition. Becoming Agile as an organization goes beyond focusing only on Product Development and Delivery dimensions. It permeates the whole organization.

Over the past years we have been helping many companies to successfully convert into Agile organizations and we have created from our experience the Enterprise Transition Framework™ (ETF) that leads and supports an organization through the process of becoming more Agile. The focus of ETF is to allow an organization to implement continuous improvement and to experience change in an empirically controlled way.

The ETF ...

The Anatomy of an Agile Organization presented in Helsinki

Full video and slides of the presentation given at Scan Agile 2013 in Finland

5 February 2014
Events, Transition
etf, scanagile

Agile is mainstream. More and more companies are adopting it on the wave of enthusiasm, either of some internal successful experiments, or just because their competitors are doing it. Unfortunately though, the cultural change that follows the adoption of Agile within an organization can't be constrained to the IT department - Here things become tricky…

I was happy to discuss these issues in Helsinki last fall at Scan Agile 2013. Thanks to Agile Finland the full video is available on Vimeo or can be viewed here.

You can check and download the slides as well.

Article in Finnish magazine Tietokone

The largest computer magazine in Finland, Tietokone, has published a three-page feature on organisational agility.

3 February 2014
Finland, Press
interview, tietokone

Photo of magazine

The largest computer magazine in Finland, Tietokone, has published a three-page feature on organisational agility based on an interview with agile42 coach and trainer Martin von Weissenberg (Tietokone, 1/2014, pp. 66–68). The article touches on agile assessments, dimensions of change, leadership and storytelling, as well as the fundamental cornerstones of structured organisational change.

"We are happy to see articles like this in mainstream computer media," says Lasse Ziegler, managing director of agile42 Finland. "This signifies that more and more companies are becoming aware that agility should not be restricted only to the development teams, and want to take ...

The kids go Lego shopping (or: a case study in batch sizes)

Business is not about fairness, it’s about grabbing opportunities and avoiding risks and you can’t cater to everyone all the time

27 January 2014

What I’m going to relate here is a true story. I have two kids, aged seven and four, that are veritable fountains of ideas.
For some time now they have been earning a small allowance based on keeping their rooms clean, helping in the kitchen, leaving out the Friday candy, and so forth. Sometimes the “wage negotiations” can be a little tiring, but overall it appears to work out quite nicely. Greedy little worms as they are, they are always making plans about how to spend their well-earned money... even before they’ve earned it!

I’ve tried to ...

Lean Startup + Story Mapping = Awesome Products Faster!

Double hands-on workshop at Agile Denver and Agile Austin will use Lean Startup concepts of Minimal Viable Product (MVP) and validated learning

21 January 2014

The workshop will be presented on Monday, January 27th, at the meeting of Agile Denver and on Tuesday, February 4th at Agile Austin.

Too many companies focus on maximizing output rather than outcomes. Studies show over 60% of features built in the software industry are rarely or never used. You might deliver a lot of features, but if they are rarely or never used, does it matter how fast you do it?

To deliver the right outcomes, you need to learn your customers needs and validate your assumptions as early as possible. This means getting an early version of your ...

Scrumtisch January 2014

Dear friends, here's the schedule for the first Scrumtisch in Berlin in 2014: Date: 29th of January, 2014 Time: 18:30  Place: American Diner Berlin, Boxhagener Str. 108 (formerly know as Restaurant "Deseo") If you would like to attend, please send a message to, or register at the Scrum User ...

16 January 2014
Scrumtisch Berlin

Dear friends,

here's the schedule for the first Scrumtisch in Berlin in 2014:

  • Date: 29th of January, 2014
  • Time: 18:30 
  • Place: American Diner Berlin, Boxhagener Str. 108 (formerly know as Restaurant "Deseo")

If you would like to attend, please send a message to, or register at the Scrum User Group on Xing.

We are looking forward to meeting you or seeing you again! :-)



Marion Eickmann and Dave Sharrock selected to co-chair the Global SCRUM GATHERING® Berlin

The Scrum Alliance international event will be held from 22 to 24 September 2014 and two of our staff members have been selected as event co-chairs

13 January 2014
scrum alliance, scrum gathering

We are extremely happy that the fall event of the Scrum Alliance calendar, the Global SCRUM GATHERING® Berlin, will take the worldwide Scrum community to the city of our headquarter. We'll make our best to set up a warm reception for all friends travelling here!

And we are even more excited because two members of our staff, Marion Eickmann (agile42 CEO, based in Berlin) and Dave Sharrock (agile42 VP for Professional Services, based in Vancouver) has been chosen as co-chairs of the event.


Clock is ticking, see you in Berlin!

(And if you cannot wait for the event in ...

Sherpa Sessions video

I've been asked some questions as part of the video Sherpa Sessions

23 December 2013

My answers are segmented into topics like "What questions about Agile do you always hear from your clients?", "How can team overcome enterprise resistance to Agile?". All of them can be watched in this Vimeo album.

Sherpa Sessions - Brad Swanson - General - Scene 1 on Vimeo.

Agile Testing Day Netherlands 2014

We are happy to sponsor Agile Testing Day Netherlands 2014 where Andrea Tomasini will deliver a keynote presentation

19 December 2013

Agile Testing Day Netherlands 2014The well-established Agile Testing Days will reach Den Haag on February 13, 2014 for a one-day conference and we're very happy to be sponsor of this great meeting of Agile-minded software testers. Our founder and strategic coach Andrea Tomasini will deliver a keynote presentation controversially titled Agile Testing is nonsense, because Agile is Testing.

The friends at Agile Testing Day Netherlands 2014 have prepared a Christmas special until December 23rd, you can get the ticket for 375 € instead of 500 €. Seats and tickets are limited to 150 people. As a passionate software craftsman make yourself a merry little Christmas ...

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