All videos from Lean Kanban Southern Europe 2014

agile42 is happy to offer you the video recording of LKSE14 conference that was held Friday 30 May 2014 in Bologna

20 June 2014

Lean Kanban Southern Europe 2014 has been a great success in Bologna on May 30th. A packed room of attendees that gathered in the Italian town to listen to the top presenters of the Lean and Kanban movement – and they also played Kanban Pizza Game with agile42 coaches!

agile42, as the organising sponsor of the event, has produced video recordings of all session that you can watch here (using a YouTube playlist) or in a specific page together with slides.


AgileLIVE Webinar with Brad Swanson: Measuring the Success of Your Agile Transformation

Meet Brad Swanson on a AgileLIVE webinar to learn pro tips for using agile metrics to measure the success of your transformation

16 June 2014
agilelive, webinar

The key to a successful agile journey is to identify concrete, measurable goals. Whether your challenge is to improve software quality, time to market, productivity, customer satisfaction, innovation, employee engagement, or some combination of these, agile metrics are crucial to your success. How do you use agile metrics early and often to know that you’re going in the right direction? And how do you know when your goals have been met?

Register for the AgileLIVE webinar "Measuring the Success of Your Agile Transformation" part of the Thought Leadership series. No cost, and earn PDU credits!

In the first part ...

Agility meets regulatory compliance

Slides of Dave Sharrock presentation at IBM Innovate 2014

13 June 2014

How can we reconcile the light touch approach of Agile development teams to the governance and information security requirements such as Data Privacy and Regulatory Compliance? At the IBM Innovate event in Orlando I discussed how to bring together the apparently conflicting needs of information security and Agile, and showed by example how Agile teams actually approach tough regulatory requirements and good governance.

News update 2014/06 - Kanban & Leadership Training

After the successful launch of the Agile Africa Conference in 2013, it will be taking place again this year on ...

After the successful launch of the Agile Africa Conference in 2013, it will be taking place again this year on the 11-12 Aug 2014 in Braamfontein, Johannesburg. The “Agile Africa” Conference aims to showcase Agile software development within an African context. Follow this link to find out more and to register online.

Applying Kanban (Foundation)Certified Kanban Foundatin Level Training

As mentioned in our last newsletter, Scrum Sense together with LEANability, will be running the Applying Kanban (Foundation) course in Johannesburg on the 20-21 Oct 2014.

"Very well presented and informative training. Gives a good foundation to start with!" - Alvin Govindan, Momentum EB.

"Absolutely enlightening ...

Mike Caspar joining agile42

Mike Caspar is joining agile42 as an Agile coach in Canada and North America

9 June 2014

I'm happy to introduce to the agile42 community Mike Caspar, our first coach in Canada.

I first met Mike in Atlanta, at the Scrum Gathering in 2012, travelling out to the airport together. When you meet Mike, you will find a personable coach, quick to laugh, with plenty of stories and anecdotes. Mike also shows a strong, principled approach to Scrum and Agile, while having a knack for bringing smiles and laughter to the tough business of cultural change. He has extensive experience introducing agile in small and large organizations, and continues to code, using the practices we introduce ...

agile42 Insights: What Are the Attributes of a Great Agile Team?

This video of the “agile42 Insights” series sees our coaches explaining the key characteristics that are shared by great Agile teams

5 June 2014
agile42 Insights

Every team is different, but we can identify some important, common features: a great Agile team is cross-functional and often small, dedicated, with a shared goal and vision. It's also usually colocated, working in the same room together to achieve the maximum communication bandwidth. Collaboration, respect, trust are the key words often mentioned.

Watch the opinion of coaches Jan Beaver, Dave Sharrock, Brad Swanson and Richard Dolman in this 2-part video.

Part 1:

Part 2:

From the Product Vision to a Running Software

Andrea Tomasini will present his talk at International PHP Conference 2014 in Berlin

2 June 2014

International PHP ConferenceI will bring on June 3rd my talk From the Product Vision to a Running Software (subtitle "…and back again, an agile coach story") to the Agile Day part of the International PHP Conference/webinale 2014. This is a globally recognized event for PHP developers, webworkers, IT managers and everyone interested in web technology and not only linked to the PHP language.

Here's the abstract: «Eliciting Requirements and breaking them down into actionable tasks for the teams is a challenge that requires both creativity and a systematic and analytical approach. Applying agility to Requirement Engineering, means much more than ...

Getting to work with the Agile Strategy Map

agile42 coaches have developed the Agile Strategy Map™ to help organizations working on an Agile Transition, here all details and instructions

20 May 2014
agile strategy map

The Agile Strategy Map™ is an Agile tool that allows a leadership team to align and coordinate their organizational continuous improvement efforts. It supports work on both the strategic level and the tactical level. The Agile Strategy Map™ provides a framework for designing an organization’s strategy as well as visualizing and tracking its progress and evolution. It supports decision making and, in accordance with an Agile approach, provides a controlled and safe way to run experiments and learn from them. As such, the Agile Strategy Map™ is a fundamental tool for organizational improvement.

Operational Board of Agile Strategy Map

In order to better explain how ...

News update 2014/05 - Certainty

Have you ever wondered about the dangers of certainty? For this month's newsletter, Joanne Perold of Scrum Sense ...

Have you ever wondered about the dangers of certainty? For this month's newsletter, Joanne Perold of Scrum Sense has written an interesting blog post on certainty. Follow this link to discover more.....

Kanban Foundation Level Training

Following the success of the Kanban Foundation Level Training course in April we have decided to run this course again in Johannesburg on the 20-21 Oct 2014. Book now and take advantage of our 3-for-2 special offer!

This certified course provides a deeper understanding of Kanban for knowledge workers. The training is particularly suitable for those who:

  • want to start with Kanban and ...


I read an amazing post the other day on certainty, and what happens when we are certain of ...

I read an amazing post the other day on certainty, and what happens when we are certain of things.

You can read the post here - The Dangers of Certainty: A Lesson From Auschwitz

Personally I found it valuable and interesting. My main take away was about the dangers of certainty. To quote the author:

"When we think we have certainty, when we aspire to the knowledge of the gods, then Auschwitz can happen and can repeat itself. Arguably, it has repeated itself in the genocidal certainties of past decades."

This lead me to thinking about certainty in software projects and ...

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