Why "Real Options" is the biggest fail of the Agile Community so far

To the naive, Real Options sounds like salvation but they are a broken and evil concept proven to be wrong and the agile community should not embrace that

3 April 2013
real options

Why I wrote this blogpost

I am an agile coach, but took some curves to get there, because I started my career as an investment banker. This is something I normally do not tell, because I am ashamed of the fact. I studied banking and finance and specialized in structured finance - that is the kind of complicated stuff where you put many derivative vehicles together, so that nobody can tell anymore that you included a premium that is ten times higher than the market average and sell them to naive people with enough money, mainly private banking customers. Another popular ...

Scrumtisch April 2013

Hello All, The next Scrumtisch is waiting for you! :)

28 March 2013
Scrumtisch Berlin

Hello All,

we are happy to announce the next Berlin Scrumtisch scheduled for April 25th:

  • Date: 25th of April, 2013
  • Time: 18:30 
  • Place: Cafe Restaurant Deseo, Boxhagener Str. 108,

If you would like to attend, please send an email to, or register at the scrum user group on Xing :-)

We are looking forward to seeing you all again and sharing a nice evening with good learnings! :)


PS: I got a request to support a universiy study. I like to invite you to spend some minutes to support it: http://france.wiwi ...

Lean Kanban Nordic presentation: Business people as bottlenecks

Presentation given at the Lean Kanban Nordic 2013 conference in Stockholm on 13th March.

18 March 2013

In a manufacturing process a bottleneck is any step whose capacity is less than the demand placed upon it. From an organizational perspective bottlenecks are both physical and non-physical: systems, equipment, processes, policies and …people.

Bottlenecks limit a system's output/outcome, they lead to queues, waiting times, lost opportunities, etc. In one word: waste. They should be removed.

While we should always look at the system before blaming people, sometimes bottlenecks are indeed people, business people in particular. Should we just remove them :) or can we find other ways to address this issue?

I took a look at how ...

Why Principles are more important than Practices?

Write up from Agile Development Practices conference in Berlin

5 March 2013
Agile with a Purpose, Events, agile

Write up from the Keynote at the Agile Development Practices conference in Berlin

The fact that many new to Agile focus a lot of energy in doing Agile right, brings them to end often in situation where many Agile Practices stop to make sense as such, and get adapted... unfortunately in not-really-agile ways.

With the keynote today, I tried to pass across that "doing" Agile, requires at least a bit of understanding about why most of the Agile practices are made the way they are made. Starting out by trying something without having understood why it has been created in ...

agile42 at Agile Dev Practices 2013

agile42 at Agile Dev Practices 2013, the Conference for Agile Developers

28 February 2013

agile42 will be present at Agile Dev Practices 2013, the Conference for Agile Developers, taking place from 4th to 7th March in Potsdam near Berlin. 

You can meet our team in the exhibitor area where we'll have a booth and listen to senior coach Andrea Tomasini deliver the Keynote on Tuesday 5th about "Why Practices are not as important as Principles?" and reflect on the big Agile dilemma: "To effectively apply practices, you need to under the principle, but to understand the principles, you need to practice! Simple… and yet incredibly complicated."

You can register with 25% discount using ...

Why We Play

We want players to understand concepts that increase their chance to be successful in agile transitions, and to learn methods that help their teams

22 February 2013
Agile with a Purpose, StrategicPlay, Training
games, kanbanpizzagame, play, scrum lego city game

As agile coaches, we regularly want to create a learning environment for people. We use concepts like Training from the Back of the Room to step aside and let them learn. We facilitate and regularly use games. Playing is an integral and very effective part of learning, as it opens people's minds and hearts and creates the emotional connections that makes experiences stick.

What makes learning agile challenging?

We want participants to understand concepts that in our experience increase their chance to be successful in agile transitions, and to learn practical methods that may help their teams as well ...

Scrumtisch Notes - Berlin February, 2013

Summary of February Scrumtisch in Berlin

Hi everybody,

last Wednesday Andrea Tomasini hosted the Scrumtisch in Berlin. 
It was a pleasure for us to share experiences, doubts and considerations about Scrum and possible better implementations in everyday work life. 
At first it seemed like nobody had a topic to discuss, but as soon as the first one of us started, the topics came down like snow!

For those who did not attend, here is the list of the topics proposed:

Question list 

  • Distributed PO, do we need more technical details in user stories?
  • What estimation techniques are you finding more effective?
  • Generalists teams, how far should you go ...

Don't Panic!

Sometimes the most important thing I want to say to a manager or a Scrum master is, "Hey, calm down. Don't Panic!"

Sometimes the most important thing I want to say to a manager or a Scrum master is, "Hey, calm down. Don't Panic!"

Or as the Agile Manifesto folks said, "take some time to reflect."

I've watched Scrum masters and managers running around, and I picture them nervously clutching a clipboard crossing off items on a detailed plan to "do something."  (To be fair I haven’t seen an actual clipboard since I was the nervous, novice Scrum master running around with one!)

I know you want to do something.

And, here’s what you can do. Trust the ...

agile42 will provide coaching service to Scrum Alliance

Scrum Alliance is an organization that we respect and proudly support, so we are very glad to announce that our proposal for coaching service have been accepted!

15 February 2013
Scrum, Press
scrum alliance

We are very happy to announce that following a request for proposal issued by Scrum Alliance, Brad Swanson and David Sharrock from agile42 will be providing coaching services to the organization starting later this month. 

“We are excited for this opportunity to work with Scrum Alliance on their journey toward being a top-notch example of Scrum in action," said Brad, Senior Agile Coach at agile42. “As coaches, we will help Scrum Alliance staff apply Scrum within their unique organizational context, leaning on the experience of agile42’s many Certified Scrum Coaches and Trainers.” Scrum Alliance is an organization that we ...

agile42 at ScrumMed conference 2013 in Munich

Join the Keynote from Andrea Tomasini: From Corporate Managers to Agile Leaders-The Challenge for the Next Decade

Join the Keynote from Andrea Tomasini: From Corporate Managers to Agile Leaders-The Challenge for the Next Decade

We can guarantee that it will be very exiting to take a look through the Agile Reading Glasses and learn about the 5 transition steps to get from managers to agile leaders and see why that might be right and needed!

The ScrumMed Conference, a famous conference for everybody involved in medical devices or services  will take place in Munich on the 18th and 19th of February.

The ScrumMed Conference gives the opportunity to share experiences and best practices in the agile development ...

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