Bridging the Unknown

In an Agile transformation small steps and reassuring inspections of the path ahead are not random practices, they are necessary for everyone

22 June 2017

Cover of AgileVox issue 3This article has been previously published in the Coaches’ Corner section of issue 3 (Spring 2017) of AgileVox, the magazine published by the Scrum Alliance.

In the climax of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Indiana Jones follows three clues that lead him to the Holy Grail. One of those cluse implores him to “leap from the lion‘s head.” Faced with a deep, wide chasm – with a lion’s head on one side and empty space ahead – he must step into the unknown. In leaping from the lion’s head he suddendly finds himself standing on an invisible bridge ...

Article on Agile Leadership in Swiss magazine Computerworld

New article published in the issue 6/2017 of Swiss Computerworld

6 June 2017

On the May issue of Swiss magazine Computerworld we discussed how many companies need to become more agile, but in order for this to happen, it also requires a new understanding of the roles of all involved parties. The article (in German) is titled Das Team ist der Chef, which translates as "The team is the boss".


The article is available in the newstand edition and also as a downloadable purchase from the Computer world site.

Managing Work Without Resource Managers

Moving to self-organized teams causes a manager’s role to change focusing on creating a safe-to-fail environment, a learning path and collaboration

26 May 2017

Recently, my daughter passed her driving test. She’s now legally able to drive on her own on the roads of British Columbia. Experts have ruled that she has the necessary skills; she is able to control a ton or more of steel in a fluid environment filled with other drivers at the wheel of their own ton or more of steel. Mum and dad aren’t so sure. Well, let’s be fair. We are confident in the skills of our daughter. She’s an excellent driver. But letting her drive unsupervised on the roads of BC fills us ...

Sponsorship of Mile High Agile 2017 in Denver

agile42 sponsoring MHA17 in Denver, 22-23 May 2017 featuring a talk by Richard Dolman and Dhaval Panchal

16 May 2017

agile42 is happy to be again a sponsor for the 2017 Mile High Agile Conference “Elevating the Agile Organization”. The event, organized annually by non-profit Agile Denver, will take place May 22 and May 23 2017 at the Hyatt Regency Denver, Colorado.

This year, they are introducing a new, 2-day format to give participants more opportunities to expand their Agile skills. On Monday, May 22nd, the conference will consist of the kick off keynote with Joshua Kerievsky and a full day of sessions. On Tuesday, May 23rd, participants will contribute to what we discuss and learn together through an innovative ...

The Agile Pubcast from SGMUN with Andrea Tomasini

Andrea Tomasini was a guest episode 13 of the Agile Pubcast podcast to discuss the coaching clinic at Global Scrum Gathering in Munich

10 May 2017
Coaching, Events
podcast, sgmun

A few months ago, on the way back from the Global Scrum Gathering in Munich, agile42 CEO Marion Eickmann and senior coach Andrea Tomasini have been guests of Geoff Watts for a special episode of The Agile Pubcast, a great podcast he co-hosts with Paul Goddard.

In the pubcast usually Geoff and Paul share their musings over an informal drink, but for this segment the conversation happened in a taxi so it was more of a… taxicast. The main topic discussed was the coaching clinic that Andrea coordinated at the gathering, and general views about what it means to be ...

Selected Notes from Global Scrum Gathering 2017: San Diego

A report from SGCAL that took place in San Diego 10-12 April 2017

5 May 2017
Scrum Alliance, Events

I recently had the pleasure of attending the Global Scrum Gathering in San Diego. The event had over 1000 attendees, 9 simultaneous tracks and a day of open sessions. The keynote speakers were Jeff Sutherland and Joel Neeb. I thought I’d write something up from some of the sessions I attended and share.

If you must go to a conference, there are worse places to go


Keynote: Jeff Sutherland: The Shu Ha Ri of Scrum @ Scale

Jeff Sutherland spoke at length about Scrum at scale, adding his voice to a common topic in the industry. The point he hammered ...

Meet the Coach: Marius de Beer

Interview with Marius de Beer, agile42 coach based in Vancouver

27 April 2017
Meet the Coach

For our semi-regular Meet the Coach series we meet with Marius de Beer, agile42 coach based in Vancouver, Canada.

How did you "discover" Agile?
By accident :-)  In 2002, during an interview, the hiring manager asked me if I do eXtreme Programming.  I had no idea what he was talking about, and obviously did not get the job.  I immediately ordered Kent Beck's book and my life changed in an instant when it arrived 4 weeks later.  For years I felt there was something wrong with the way my teams and I worked, but I could never put my finger ...

Epic Budgeting, or how Agile teams meet deadlines

Slides from Dave Sharrock based on a discussion of Epic Budgeting at this year's ProductCamp Vancouver 2017

26 April 2017

According to this year's State of Agile survey, the most common success measure for agile initiatives, at 53%, is on-time delivery. But if agile teams can choose how much work they take into a sprint, how can teams be sure of delivering pre-committed scope on time and on budget? There is more to agile delivery than product owners ordering a backlog of work for teams to work on.

From Dave Sharrock presentation

Recently at ProductCamp Vancouver 2017 I ran a workshop where I introduced Epic Budgeting, a practice that allows the product owner to steer a product across the line, delivering the expected ...

Lasse Ziegler interviewed in Finnish newspaper Kauppalehti

Interview appeared on the leading Finnish economy newspaper

25 April 2017
Finland, Press

agile42 Finland coach Lasse Ziegler has been interviewed by Kauppalehti, the main economy newspaper in Finland, explaining how an Agile culture allows companies to respond faster to changes than their competitors, and how it needs to be entrenched in the company culture.

Lasse Ziegler

Here the full article in Finnish.

Scrum Gathering San Diego

Meet with agile42 coaches at the Global SCRUM GATHERING® San Diego on 10-12 April, 2017

6 April 2017
Scrum Alliance, Events

The Scrum community will gather once again in San Diego for the Global Scrum Gathering organized by the Scrum Alliance. It will be a whirlwind of meetings and talks for three full days, 10-12 April, and I will be present at the Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina together with the other agile42 coaches.


Being in California, the theme for #SGCAL is Looking Back, Looking Forward — Surf the Tides of Change. Conference co-chairs Vic Bonacci and Kim Brainard can’t think of a better town than San Diego for a Scrum gathering devoted to looking back and looking forward. “San Diego ...

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