Scaling Scrum to the Organisation

Here be dragons!The greatest challenges to adopting Agile at scale are organisational. Therefore any scaled implementation needs careful attention to ...

14 January 2014
Scrum Sense

Here be dragons!

The greatest challenges to adopting Agile at scale are organisational. Therefore any scaled implementation needs careful attention to communication, culture and change management. As CIO and agile consultant Marius de Beer observes: “When you scale, you scale everything. The good and the bad.” I suggest that you accept that there is no “silver bullet” solution to doing Scrum (or any form of Agile) at scale. With this mindset I suggest you read broadly what others have done and are doing. I especially recommend the Larman and Vodde books as well as Henrik Kniberg’s papers and presentations ...

Marion Eickmann and Dave Sharrock selected to co-chair the Global SCRUM GATHERING® Berlin

The Scrum Alliance international event will be held from 22 to 24 September 2014 and two of our staff members have been selected as event co-chairs

13 January 2014
scrum alliance, scrum gathering

We are extremely happy that the fall event of the Scrum Alliance calendar, the Global SCRUM GATHERING® Berlin, will take the worldwide Scrum community to the city of our headquarter. We'll make our best to set up a warm reception for all friends travelling here!

And we are even more excited because two members of our staff, Marion Eickmann (agile42 CEO, based in Berlin) and Dave Sharrock (agile42 VP for Professional Services, based in Vancouver) has been chosen as co-chairs of the event.


Clock is ticking, see you in Berlin!

(And if you cannot wait for the event in ...

Sherpa Sessions video

I've been asked some questions as part of the video Sherpa Sessions

23 December 2013

My answers are segmented into topics like "What questions about Agile do you always hear from your clients?", "How can team overcome enterprise resistance to Agile?". All of them can be watched in this Vimeo album.

Sherpa Sessions - Brad Swanson - General - Scene 1 on Vimeo.

Agile Testing Day Netherlands 2014

We are happy to sponsor Agile Testing Day Netherlands 2014 where Andrea Tomasini will deliver a keynote presentation

19 December 2013

Agile Testing Day Netherlands 2014The well-established Agile Testing Days will reach Den Haag on February 13, 2014 for a one-day conference and we're very happy to be sponsor of this great meeting of Agile-minded software testers. Our founder and strategic coach Andrea Tomasini will deliver a keynote presentation controversially titled Agile Testing is nonsense, because Agile is Testing.

The friends at Agile Testing Day Netherlands 2014 have prepared a Christmas special until December 23rd, you can get the ticket for 375 € instead of 500 €. Seats and tickets are limited to 150 people. As a passionate software craftsman make yourself a merry little Christmas ...

agile42 Insights: What is Agile?

In the first clip of our new agile42 Insights video series some of our coaches are asked the most fundamental question: what is Agile?

16 December 2013
agile42 Insights

 Watch the answers of Brad Swanson, Richard Dolman, Dave Sharrock, Jan Beaver. Or in four words: "Stop starting, start finishing." You can play the video here below or on the agile42 YouTube channel where you will find all the clips from the agile42 Insight series.


News update 2013/12 - The Cynefin Framework

Many of you will recall Dave Snowden, author of the Cynefin framework, delivering a keynote address at the recent Scrum ...

Many of you will recall Dave Snowden, author of the Cynefin framework, delivering a keynote address at the recent Scrum Gathering in Cape Town. Therefore, I think you may be interested in our feature article this month, written by Mark Nilsen of Derivco in Durban.

I met Mark a couple of years ago and was struck by his broad interest in agililty and what underpins it. I invited him to write an article as a guest blogger and he kindly accepted.....more.

Upcoming Event

Dan North is the founder of Behaviour Driven Development (BDD). I discovered BDD via a team ...

One, No One, One Hundred Thousand Projects

Slides from the talk presented at Better Software 2013 and Italian Agile Days 2013

12 December 2013
Events, kanban
bsw13, iad13

I have presented this talk to two of the main conferences in Italy this November, Italian Agile Days in Reggio Emilia and Better Software in Florence. Although the presentations have been in Italian the slides and notes are mostly in English.

The presentation was titled One, No One, One Hundred Thousand Projects, or Uno, Nessuno, Centomila Progetti in Italian, with a nod to the work of Nobel laureate writer Luigi Pirandello. A key aspect is that often problems and solutions are common between companies because independent from the the context.

The Cynefin Framework

What does the word ”Cynefin” mean?The word “Cynefin”, pronounced ki-neh-vin, is a Welsh word that cannot be directly translated into ...

What does the word ”Cynefin” mean?

The word “Cynefin”, pronounced ki-neh-vin, is a Welsh word that cannot be directly translated into English. However, it is commonly translated as ‘habitat’ or ‘place’ and means a place of multiple belongings. We are all rooted in many different pasts which profoundly influence who we are, but of which we are only partially aware. i.e. geographic, tribal, religious, cultural, etc.

Origins of Cynefin

Cynefin was first developed by Dave Snowden in 1999 in the context of knowledge management and organisational strategy. By 2002, it had developed to include complex adaptive systems theory. It ...

Bent Myllerup interview on the role of Scrum Master

Coach Bent Myllerup has been interviewed in Zagreb by our friends of Agile Croatia about the role of the Scrum Master

10 December 2013

During the talk with Marko Keba he answered to far-fecthing questions like "What are the main qualities of a good Scrum Master?", "What does listening really mean?" and "How to take decisions effectively?". The video can be watched here below or on YouTube.

AgilePalooza Conference in Austin

Report from my participation at "The best day of Agile" focusing on building Agile Teams and Agile Portfolio Management

9 December 2013

Last week saw me try out a short talk on the art of agile portfolio management for the first time. Sharing the stage with a very strong line up, including Mike McLaughlin (), Jan Thomas, @DavidHussman, Russ Fletcher (@davisbase) and @DamonPoole. With two tracks - a planning and a practicing track - the talks were entertaining and informative. It was a pleasure to sit in on a number of speakers and catch some interesting and thought-provoking talks.

We started with a warm-up at Dell, which to be fair was much more than a warm-up. Over 250 people on site, and a further ...

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