agile42 Insights: What Are the Attributes of a Great Agile Team?

This video of the “agile42 Insights” series sees our coaches explaining the key characteristics that are shared by great Agile teams

5 June 2014
agile42 Insights

Every team is different, but we can identify some important, common features: a great Agile team is cross-functional and often small, dedicated, with a shared goal and vision. It's also usually colocated, working in the same room together to achieve the maximum communication bandwidth. Collaboration, respect, trust are the key words often mentioned.

Watch the opinion of coaches Jan Beaver, Dave Sharrock, Brad Swanson and Richard Dolman in this 2-part video.

Part 1:

Part 2:

From the Product Vision to a Running Software

Andrea Tomasini will present his talk at International PHP Conference 2014 in Berlin

2 June 2014

International PHP ConferenceI will bring on June 3rd my talk From the Product Vision to a Running Software (subtitle "…and back again, an agile coach story") to the Agile Day part of the International PHP Conference/webinale 2014. This is a globally recognized event for PHP developers, webworkers, IT managers and everyone interested in web technology and not only linked to the PHP language.

Here's the abstract: «Eliciting Requirements and breaking them down into actionable tasks for the teams is a challenge that requires both creativity and a systematic and analytical approach. Applying agility to Requirement Engineering, means much more than ...

Getting to work with the Agile Strategy Map

agile42 coaches have developed the Agile Strategy Map™ to help organizations working on an Agile Transition, here all details and instructions

20 May 2014
agile strategy map

The Agile Strategy Map™ is an Agile tool that allows a leadership team to align and coordinate their organizational continuous improvement efforts. It supports work on both the strategic level and the tactical level. The Agile Strategy Map™ provides a framework for designing an organization’s strategy as well as visualizing and tracking its progress and evolution. It supports decision making and, in accordance with an Agile approach, provides a controlled and safe way to run experiments and learn from them. As such, the Agile Strategy Map™ is a fundamental tool for organizational improvement.

Operational Board of Agile Strategy Map

In order to better explain how ...

News update 2014/05 - Certainty

Have you ever wondered about the dangers of certainty? For this month's newsletter, Joanne Perold of Scrum Sense ...

Have you ever wondered about the dangers of certainty? For this month's newsletter, Joanne Perold of Scrum Sense has written an interesting blog post on certainty. Follow this link to discover more.....

Kanban Foundation Level Training

Following the success of the Kanban Foundation Level Training course in April we have decided to run this course again in Johannesburg on the 20-21 Oct 2014. Book now and take advantage of our 3-for-2 special offer!

This certified course provides a deeper understanding of Kanban for knowledge workers. The training is particularly suitable for those who:

  • want to start with Kanban and ...


I read an amazing post the other day on certainty, and what happens when we are certain of ...

I read an amazing post the other day on certainty, and what happens when we are certain of things.

You can read the post here - The Dangers of Certainty: A Lesson From Auschwitz

Personally I found it valuable and interesting. My main take away was about the dangers of certainty. To quote the author:

"When we think we have certainty, when we aspire to the knowledge of the gods, then Auschwitz can happen and can repeat itself. Arguably, it has repeated itself in the genocidal certainties of past decades."

This lead me to thinking about certainty in software projects and ...

Scrumtisch May 2014

22. May 2014 - Scrumtish in Berlin

9 May 2014
Scrumtisch Berlin

Dear friends,

here's the schedule for the next Scrumtisch in Berlin in 2014:

  • Date: 22nd of May, 2014
  • Time: 18:30 
  • Place: American Diner Berlin, Boxhagener Str. 108 (formerly know as Restaurant "Deseo")

If you would like to attend, please send a message to, or register at the Scrum User Group on Xing.

We are looking forward to meeting you or seeing you again! :-)



agile42 Insights: Why Is a Great Agile Team so Important?

The Agile team as an "engine room" for the organisation and the building of any Transition, setting an example for excellence

8 May 2014
agile42 Insights

In this video our coaches discuss the underlying reasons why an Agile Transition towards an Agile organisation always starts with a team, and possibly a great team.

You can play the video here below or on the agile42 YouTube channel where you will find all the clips from the agile42 Insight series.

agile42 present at Global SCRUM GATHERING® New Orleans 2014

Richard Dolman and Brad Swanson will talk at Global Scrum Gathering New Orleans 2014, organised by the Scrum Alliance 5-7 May

5 May 2014

Richard will be on stage with Steve Spearman to present Smart Scaling: Finding the right approach for Enterprise Agile focusing on whether we find to ways to deliver value without need to scale too big.

Brad will facilitate two workshops together with David Haws, the first one Getting Your Agile Team from Good to Great in which participants will collaborate to identify the characteristics of a great Agile team, the biggest challenges they’ve encountered, and identify specific solutions, the second Lean Startup + Story Mapping = Awesome Products Faster during which a team will start with a partially completed Lean Canvas ...

Talking about Agile Compliance at IBM Innovate

I will talk at the IBM Innovate 2014 event to discuss "Agile Compliance: an oxymoron?" on Wednesday 4th June

28 April 2014

Agile software development is a light framework that focusses more on early value delivery and incremental improvement than traditional tasks like detailed up-front planning, comprehensive specifications and technical documentation. But from the perspective of regulatory compliance, this planning and documentation serve a purpose.

How can we reconcile agile approaches that value a working product over documentation with the need to meet regulatory requirements for, e.g. medical devices or telecommunications? I will discuss how to bring together the apparently conflicting needs of regulatory compliance and agile, and show by example how agile teams actually approach tough regulatory requirements in finance ...

agile42 Insights: How Do You Cultivate a Great Team?

How to grow a high-performing Agile team, the need to handle conflict and more advice from the agile42 coaches from their experience of team building

23 April 2014
agile42 Insights

Featuring our coaches Brad Swanson, Richard Dolman, Dave Sharrock and Jan Beaver, a brief discussion on the hurdles to overcome for a group of developers to become a great team and constantly "raise the bar" for their work.

You can play the video here below or on the agile42 YouTube channel where you will find all the clips from the agile42 Insight series.

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