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In Hamburg, meet Solutions

Join us on September 8th at 2016 for a day of discussions about Agile solutions for the enterprise

7 September 2016

agile42 is a Quality Partner of the great 2016 that started today in Hamburg, Germany. Tomorrow, September 8th, we will host half a day of presentations devoted to Agile solutions for the enterprise. 2016

I will introduce with a new talk about improving the chances of success of your organization: explicitly measuring and designing culture is an enabler towards agility and can provide incredible advantages to an organization development. Understanding how to lead such change is the one thing that might save your company in the rough waters of todays market. Are you ready for the challenge?

Together with ...

Invitation to Scrum Gathering Munich

agile42 is a sponsor of Global Scrum Gathering® Munich on October 17-19, 2016 where Andrea Tomasini will be the Coaches' Clinic Facilitator

13 June 2016
Scrum Alliance, Events

The fall event of the Scrum Alliance calendar returns to Germany with the Global Scrum Gathering® Munich 2016 that will is scheduled in the Bavarian capital from October 17th to 19th. With agile42 we are proud to be once again sponsor of a Global Scrum event and we hope to meet as may friends there as possible.

Global SCRUM GATHERING® Munich 2016

A number of agile42 coaches will be in attendance and will deliver sessions including Dave Sharrock, Niels Verdonk and myself. I personally will also be the facilitator of the #SGMUN Coaches' Clinic: conference attendees will be able to visit the Coaches' Clinic during ...

Presenting at QED2016 in Croatia

Andrea Tomasini will present at QED2016 conference in Zadar, Croatia on May 9

4 May 2016

Thanks to our friends from CROZ I'll head to Zadar on the beautiful Adriatic coast of Croatia for QED2016, the jubilee edition of the Quality in Enterprise Development Conference. It will include lectures, workshops, discussions and practical examples and I am happy to join a roster of both local and international speakers.

Next Monday, 9 May I will present a new talk, Becoming agile will grant your organization resilience and possibly anti-fragility.

Bringing agility to an organizational level requires a set of new skills and practices to emerge. While we have plenty of example on how agility can ...

Winners 2016 Red Herring Top 100 Europe

agile42: Winners at Red Herring Top 100 Europe 2016

19 April 2016

Red Herringagile42 has been chosen as a 2016 Red Herring Top 100 Europe Winner, a prestigious list honoring the year’s most promising private technology ventures from the European business region.

On April 13 we presented the company at the Red Herring Top 100 Europe Forum in Amsterdam that celebrates the top private companies in the European region, and as part of the finalists we are given the opportunity to make a live presentation in front of the 250 C-level technology entrepreneurs, corporate strategists, and venture financiers from across the continent that Red Herring gathers in their forum.

Red Herring Top ...

agile42 announces partnership with Cognitive Edge

agile42 will be a key partner in the Cynefin Centre’s forthcoming action research programmes on user requirement capture and project management

13 April 2016

The Cynefin CentreDave Snowden is a great friend of us, we welcomed him during the agile42 Connect days last November. He's been our guest during one of our latest coach camps in Berlin when we investigated the possibility for him to become an advisor to agile42 on strategy and also to create a more formal partnership. This will allow our operational use of SenseMaker® and also participation in some of the research programmes he will shortly be launching from The Cynefin Centre.

We can now announce that we will work together to create an instance of SenseMaker® to support agile42 work ...

The Value of Pair-Coaching… What's in It for You?

In pair coaching roles are switched frequently and this built in review process increases not only quality but innovation, speed, learning

18 March 2016

Coaching is the process of facilitating a reflective thought process within somebody else in order to enable them to make some progress towards a goal. One can coach another individual in a one-to-one setting, or one can coach a team. While the principles are effectively the same, the techniques employed may well be different.

Coaching is very different to training not least because the agenda within a coaching relationship can emerge and be tailored to the needs of that individual (or group) there and then. Coaching isn’t focussed on passing on a specific skill or filling an educational gap ...

Talking about self-organization at the Berlin DoSE 2015

Andrea Tomasini will talk about company organization at an event organized during the Berlin Days of Software Engineering on 11 November 2015

5 November 2015

I will present a talk Why self-organization might not work, and what has that to do with the company organization… in Berlin on November 11 as part of Berlin DoSE 2015 – the Berlin Days of Software Engineering. It will start at 7pm hosted by Immobilienscout24, if you are interested to join please check the details and register on XING.

Berlin DoSEOn the way toward becoming more agile, we often stumble on issues which are sometimes simple in hindsight, but when we are at it, they seem impossible challenges. We might start with an agile team, probably following the Scrum framework and ...

Introducing the Team Coaching Framework

The Team Coaching Framework™ (TCF) is an initiative by agile42 to speed up the team learning process and performance, and to help new Agile coaches

21 August 2015

A lot of things are happening at agile42 and we are happy to share with you the latest addition to the set of tools we use to coach and train organizations that start an Agile transition or want to improve their Agile workflows.

The Team Coaching Framework™ (or TCF) creates a structured approach to coaching which aims at improving team performance by providing clear guidance and structure with the help of the coaches. It allows for members of an organization or the larger professional community to share everyone's experience and improvements.

The TCF defines Coaching Tools, instruments that a ...

Keynote at "Embedded meets Agile" 2015

agile42 is a sponsor of Embedded meets Agile 2015 and Andrea Tomasini will deliver a keynote "Large Scale Agile System Engineering"

22 March 2015

We are very happy to participate again at the "Embedded meets Agile" conference in Munich this week. Agile software development as well as agile management approaches have been established also in the embedded industry by now. They benefit from the methods and practices both in software- and hardware development.

Embedded Meets AgileThis year agile42 is a sponsor and I will deliver a keynote on Wednesday 25 March 2015 on the topic of Large Scale Agile System Engineering.

More and more companies are adopting Agile and Lean approaches to product development in the context of System Engineering. This includes both software and hardware ...

Stop scaling… Start growing an agile organization!

Full video, slides and transcript of the closing keynote of Scan Agile 2015 in Helsinki

13 March 2015
Events, Transition
etf, scanagile, slides, youtube

Companies of all sizes need to grow their own agile way of working, becoming more agile is a journey, not a destination, it is not about implementing a model or another…

Watch the session video on YouTube. If you are unhappy with the sound quality you can try the presentation given at Manage Agile 2016 that covers the same material.

What to scale?

Asking the question triggers the most diverse answers. It nearly seems people don’t know what they want to scale, they just know then “need” to… it feels like someone presented scaling as the ultimate solution to ...

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