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How to Plan the “Perfect Retrospective” - a.k.a. Ditching a Good Plan

Planning too far ahead is a waste: it is best to stay flexible and decide as late as possible to make more informed decisions

“In preparing for a battle, I have found planning is indispensable, but plans are useless.”
Dwight D. Eisenhower

I love it when a plan comes together — but sometimes, you just have to let it go.

When coaching teams, you will soon find out that every team is different and even every meeting of every team is different. Just like snowflakes, no two are alike. The key is to be able to adapt your plan to the team’s needs, at every moment of time. Even the best plan is made based on the knowledge and assumptions of that current state ...

Sipgate – The slightly different company

Handelsblatt magazine profiled VoIP provider Sipgate to understand how a cultural change turned their organization around, with the help of agile42

agile42 client Sipgate was the focus of a profile in German magazine Handelsblatt. The full article is available as Kulturwandel bei Sipgate: Das etwas andere Unternehmen (“Cultural change at Sipgate: the slightly different company”) and features some comments from agile42 CEO Marion Eickmann. The description of the company is very interesting and we thought it would be good to have a translation here on our blog.



Here’s how the Düsseldorf based VoIP (voice-over-IP) provider Sipgate multiplied their productivity.

When you come to Sipgate, in the ‘hip’ media hub Düsseldorf, the first thing you notice is the punch ...

CSM class in January in fantastic Istanbul

The Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) training will be presented in English in Istanbul, Turkey in January 2017

We are welcoming all the interested people to have a fantastic 2-day training in İstanbul to learn the basis of Scrum and obtain the Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) certification by the Scrum Alliance. The class will be held on 23-24 January and we still have early bird seats available.


Training Topics:

  • Lean & Agile Principles
  • Scrum Values & Principles
  • Scrum framework core elements: roles, activities, and artifacts
  • The ScrumMaster, Product Owner and Development Team roles
  • Product Vision and long-term roadmap planning
  • Mid-range ‘Release’ Planning
  • Scaling Scrum to multiple teams
  • User Stories and the Product Backlog
  • Sprint Planning and the Sprint backlog
  • Daily Scrum ...

Agile – in Education

Several schools are implementing agile methods for class, and universities have long begun including agile courses in their curricula

One of the most typical FAQ’s during agile coaching & training is “Can we apply it in our company?” “Will it work for us?”. Obviously, there’s no knowing before you try, yet usually the answer is “Yes” :) Here is why: Agile is not a rigid frame, a set of rules, a ‘process’ or ‘project management method’. Rather more, it is an approach, a way-of-working, a mindset. Being customer-first, based on trust & transparency, having the ability to expose the entire process, focusing on waste & bottlenecks..all these aspects make it very powerful, yet flexible. It enables you to see & seek ...

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