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Article in Leading Dutch Magazine Elsevier

An interview with agile42 on was published in a special edition of the Dutch weekly Elsevier on Business Agility

10 March 2017
agility, business, magazine

Article Elsevier

Elsevier is a Dutch independent weekly news magazine. The magazine focuses primarily on higher educated readers and various segments within the market sector. In a special edition on Business Agility, they published an interview with Niels Verdonk and Garbrand van der Molen, two leading Agile Coaches of agile42 in the Netherlands.

In the interview they discuss various aspects of Agile in particular why it is that organisations often don't realize the full potential of Agile. 

Niels Verdonk: "In many organisations Agile is still seen as something which is something for the IT Department, without involvement of the rest of ...

Lean Kanban Benelux 2016 Conference

Our report from the LKBX16 event in Heeze, Netherlands

10 November 2016
Events, kanban, Lean Management

The Lean Kanban Benelux conference is part of the series of Lean Kanban conferences which are organized around the world by Lean Kanban Inc. to support organisations in adopting Modern Management Methods. agile42 has sponsored many of these conferences and this was the case as well this year for the Lean Kanban Benelux 2016 edition.

Lean Kanban Benelux 2016 Sponsor T-Shirt

Are you interesed in Kanban? On November 28 and 29 agile42 is organising a Kanban System Design (KMP I) training in Amsterdam.

 Lean Kanban Benelux 2016

The day started with the keynote by Erik Jan Kaak, a Dutch man living abroad in Austria for 29 years, but who grew ...

3 major trends at Agile Open Holland 2016

We discuss the three major trends we observed during the Agile Open Holland conference of 2016: agile in non-IT environments, large full-organisation transitions and the rise of agile coaching

22 September 2016
agile coaching, agileopen, agileopenholland, agile transition, conference, netherlands

People lining up for unconference slots at Agile Open Holland 2016agile42 Nederland visited the Agile Open Holland conference again in 2016. This long running conference is held in the centre of the Netherlands, and many agile practitioners from Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands find their way every year. This year saw another great turn up with a great mix of experienced agile coaches, trainers, agile practitioners and people new or even unfamiliar with agile.

During this conference, these are 3 major trends we observed:

  • Agile in non-IT environments
  • Large, full-organisation agile transitions
  • The rise of agile coaching

Agile in non-IT environments

Quite some attendees of the conference came looking for ...

Insights from the Large Scale Scrum Conference 2016

At the Large Scale Scrum conference 2016 in Amsterdam sponsored by agile42 LeSS practitioners got together to share experience, learn and collaborate

9 September 2016
Agile at Scale, Events, Scrum

agile42 sponsored the Large Scale Scrum Conference 2016 in Amsterdam, a conference organized by the LeSS community to share insights and bring together the large scale Scrum community.

Bas Vodde and Craig Larman, who build out the Large Scale Scrum (LeSS) approach at Nokia, both were in attendance to share the history of LeSS and bring out new insights. You can read our 2009 case study on introducing Scrum at Nokia here. The talk by Craig Larman was especially close to our hearts, as he raised a topic agile42 has been adament about: you need to own your agile knowledge ...

Product Owner Room

At Sipgate the Product Owners made a very nice room with a lot of whiteboards to plan their work.

12 May 2010
General, Scrum, Training

The Product Owners at Sipgate have organized themselves around a large set of whiteboards on which they track and plan the work for their Releases. This is a great way of getting immediate visual understanding about how you can realize your Release Goal.

Sipgate war room

On the first whiteboard they put the Requirements they'll be working on in this release, decomposing them in Minimal Marketable Features (sets of User Stories) which they can then plan in each Sprint. Each Sprint has it's own whiteboard again, so it's very easy for them to move stories from one sprint to the ...

Ableton Developers build a LEGO city

The Ableton application developers build a LEGO city using Scrum as part of the Scrum training.

26 April 2010
Agilo, Scrum, Training

In a second round of training the developers at Ableton have constructed another LEGO city using Scrum. Using 5 minute bursts of planning, building and retrospecting, the teams transform the high-level wishes of the Product Owner into structures.

Ableton City

Instead of writing detailed, low-level specifications, the Product Owner uses User Stories: descriptions of functionality from the end-users perspective. LEGO stories look like this:

As a citizen, I would like a two-story house so I can have a large house on a small plot of land.

The teams would estimate and commit to these kind of stories, then iteratively transform them into ...

Ableton builds a Lego Abletown

The Ableton team builds a LEGO City as part of the Scrum training.

16 February 2010
General, Scrum, Training
lego, scrum, training

As always we put theory into practice by building a LEGO City at the end of a Scrum training. The attendees are challenged to build a LEGO City from a Product Backlog in a very limited building time, of course using Scrum. This lets the people really feel what it means to self-organize, to sprint and to have a retrospective. Also working against a Product Backlog and with a Product Owner is something that you need to experience.

Ableton Team

In a couple of 5 minute sprints, the teams build, refactor and integrate their LEGO creations. Many aspects of Scrum in software ...

Scrum Master & Team Training in Groningen

In Groningen we did a Scrum Master & Team Training with Goldmund, Wyldebeast und Wunderliebe and Four Digits, as always culminating in a wonderful Lego city!

14 September 2009
General, Scrum, Training
lego, planning, scrum, training

In Groningen we did a Scrum Master & Team Training with Goldmund, Wyldebeast und Wunderliebe and Four Digits, as always culminating in a wonderful Lego city!

To have the people at the training really experience what it is like to work as a self organized team we end our training with a Lego city exercise. In this exercise, the people are to organize themselves to build as much as possible from the backlog in a number of 5 minute sprints, coupled with a retrospective and a planning session.

Engineers at work Here we see engineers at work. The backlog is broken up into Requirements ...

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