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Marius de Beer in Cape Town and Johannesburg

Join coach Marius de Beer for a "Breakfast of Champions" in Cape Town and Johannesburg to talk about Preventing Burnout in an Agile organization

22 February 2017

This year marks the tenth anniversary of our activities in South Africa and we want to start the celebrations in style. We are organizing a Breakfast of Champions, a thought-provoking event to discuss organisational agility.

Marius de BeerWe will discuss Preventing Burnout with agile42 coach Marius de Beer: many so-called “Agile” teams find themselves sprinting endlessly from one deadline to the next. Leaders are understandably frustrated at the missed promises of Agile. People are feeling unbearable pressure from the endlessly growing demands of modern life. No less a person than Adriana Huffington is these days focussing her energy on helping people to ...

Sponsoring Scrum Gathering South Africa 2016

agile42 sponsors Scrum Gathering South Africa 2016, happening on 3rd & 4th of November in Cape Town

29 October 2016
Scrum Alliance, Events

In beautiful Cape Town SUGSA, the Scrum User Group South Africa, welcomes everyone to the Scrum Gathering South Africa 2016, two days for the local and international community on November 3rd and 4th.

agile42 is happy to be a sponsor, and present with the South African team of coaches.

Camps Bay, Cape Town, South Africa

The opening keynote presenter is Danie Roux and he will set the theme of the Gathering with the talk “Goldilocks at work – getting it just right“. Friday’s morning keynote will be by Jim Benson, author of the book ‘Personal Kanban’. To close the Gathering we have Gitte Klitgaard, “Do you ...

The Scrum Guide updated for 2016

Highlights and comments on the 2016 update to the Scrum Guide and the associated message from Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland in their recent video

2 August 2016

The Scrum Guide is a simple definition of the Scrum framework created in 2011 by founders Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland in the response the the rapidly growing popularity of Scrum. It has been updated a few times since, always aiming to clarify and simplify the description. The one and only change to the July 2016 edition of the Scrum Guide is the addition of the Scrum Values: Openness, Focus, Commitment, Respect and Courage. This is at once a trivial and an important change.

Ken and Jeff have released a video that explains the changes. I was fascinated to listen ...

The Advanced Agile Team Coaching Course comes to South Africa

The Advanced Team Coaching Course for Agile coaches will be presented for the first time in Johannesburg, South Africa starting Jan. 21, 2016

13 November 2015
Coaching, Training

We are very happy to introduce for the first time in South Africa the Advanced Agile Team Coaching Course aimed at ScrumMasters, Team Coaches and others who want to take their skills, knowledge and abilities for coaching and facilitating teams to a professional level beyond the basics. This training is part of the agile42 Coach the Coach Program and the Team Coaching Framework and will be presented by senior coaches Andrea Tomasini and Bent Myllerup, building on the experience of coaching teams during numerous years.

The course will start Jan. 21, 2016 at the FNB Conference & Learning Centre in Johannesburg ...

Grow a pair

At a recent SUGSA open space in Johannesburg someone posed the question “where do I find Scrum Masters?”. ...

18 August 2015
Scrum Sense

At a recent SUGSA open space in Johannesburg someone posed the question “where do I find Scrum Masters?”. I hear this question asked repeatedly in different forms by people trying to transition to lean-agile ways of working. I believe such questions are born out of the historic machine model we have of organisations, that people are fungible resources. At least in the world of knowledge workers this is both untrue and damaging.

Moreover, if everyone in a rapidly growing number of companies adopting Scrum, chases after the same pool of experienced Scrum Masters, we are not addressing the need. We ...

Growing Leaders

To grow into a modern leader you will likely need to unlearn what you were taught at business school and by traditional managers who mentored you

4 May 2015

In the 21st century organisation where digital knowledge work replaces physical manufacturing work, the role of leaders and leadership has become a core need of organisations.

In fact the need for leadership and the role of leaders has been long discussed and understood by management experts. Amongst the most forward-thinking of these were Edwards Deming with his Fourteen Points for Management and Peter Drucker who practically invented modern management.

The Toyota Way to Lean Leadership includes a strong focus on leadership development. Jeffrey Liker and Gary Convis have documented that Toyota invests 25 years to grow a leader. This contrasts ...

Scrum Coaching Retreats—a personal story

Who this is forYou may be considering attending the upcoming Scrum Coaching Retreat (SCR) to be held in Franschhoek, near ...

15 January 2015
Scrum Sense

Who this is for

You may be considering attending the upcoming Scrum Coaching Retreat (SCR) to be held in Franschhoek, near Cape Town on 09-11 February 2015. And you may be wondering what the value will be to you. You may also need to find a convincing argument for your boss to sign off on the registration fee and, perhaps, travel costs from Jhb or elsewhere.

What is a Scrum Coaching Retreat?

Scrum Coaching Retreats are so-called because the international Scrum Alliance is the title sponsor, which enables the organisers to offer astonishing value for money to the participants. In ...

Scrum Coaching Retreat South Africa

We would like to invite you to the first Scrum Coaching Retreat in South Africa, 9-11 February 2015 in Franschhoek near Cape Town

7 January 2015
Scrum Alliance, Events

As Agile coaches much of what we do is centered around change. Sometimes that change is revolutionary, but more often it is evolutionary. Small changes over time that contribute to larger organisational changes that are real and lasting. And so we have chosen as our theme for the retreat "Small Improvements." What are the small improvements that contribute to our growth and development? What are the small improvements that will lead to changes that are real and lasting? How do we as coaches recognise, facilitate, and enable these: both for ourselves and our organisations?

Muizenberg Beach, Cape Town, South Africa

This is why we have organized ...

agile42 merges with Scrum Sense

Scrum Sense, the foremost Agile consultancy in South Africa, will merge with agile42 and in 2015 the agile42 brand will be introduced to the country

12 December 2014
Scrum Sense

Our joint press release

Scrum Sense, the foremost agile consultancy in South Africa, will merge with agile42, a leading international agile consulting organisation. agile42 is headquartered in Berlin and already operates throughout Europe and North America.

Scrum SenseThe change is effective immediately. During 2015 the agile42 brand will be introduced to South Africa and over time the well-known Scrum Sense brand will be wound down.

Marion Eickmann, co-founder and CEO at agile42, commented: “We are excited to welcome well-known agile pioneer Peter Hundermark and his team to join our community. We have been most careful to ensure a good cultural fit ...

Here Be Dragons - Scaling Agile

I gave a talk at the global Scrum Gathering in Berlin and two weeks later this revised (and improved?) version ...

8 November 2014
Scrum Sense

I gave a talk at the global Scrum Gathering in Berlin and two weeks later this revised (and improved?) version at the regional Scrum Gathering in Cape Town.

Scaling agility in any organisation requires attention to both cultural and structural dimensions. The culture aspect rests in providing modern leadership and change management. I provide only a passing reference here to this dimension. My presentation here is focussed on the structural and process dimension.

I describe 3 "laws" of scaling. These are observations or empirical laws. Then I set out 10 patterns that I have found helpful over nearly a decade ...

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