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Awesome Coach of the Week: Marc Löffler

We honour Marc Scrumphony Löffler as Awesome Coach of the Week 23, 2011!

11 June 2011
Agilo, agile

Marc ‘Scrumphony’ Löffler is one of the most prominent members of the German Agile Coaching community, and the one I reckon to be the most internationally active. He’s frequently speaking at international agile (un)conferences and gatherings and well connected on Twitter. I’ve first met Marc at last year’s AgileCoachCamp Germany and immediately fell in love with his mad humour, which he applies to quite serious topics. A quite sensible approach to life, I think.

Food for Thought

A few weeks ago Marc started a series of blog posts called “Food for Thought”. I loved the ...

New documentation landing page

we're always working hard to make it as easy as possible for all of you to use Agilo - and to that end we've created a new documentation landing page that brings all the documentation on Agilo together in one spot.

25 February 2011

Here's our documentation landing page

Enjoy and please send us feedback on our google group.

Ableton Developers build a LEGO city

The Ableton application developers build a LEGO city using Scrum as part of the Scrum training.

26 April 2010
Agilo, Scrum, Training

In a second round of training the developers at Ableton have constructed another LEGO city using Scrum. Using 5 minute bursts of planning, building and retrospecting, the teams transform the high-level wishes of the Product Owner into structures.

Ableton City

Instead of writing detailed, low-level specifications, the Product Owner uses User Stories: descriptions of functionality from the end-users perspective. LEGO stories look like this:

As a citizen, I would like a two-story house so I can have a large house on a small plot of land.

The teams would estimate and commit to these kind of stories, then iteratively transform them into ...

Open Source at work

Plugins make the world go round - and as such we are very proud that slowly but surely the open source community is getting to work to deliver enhancements to Agilo.

31 August 2009
Agilo, Scrum
agilo, community, open source, plugin

Plugins make the world go round - and as such we are very proud that the open source community is getting to work to deliver enhancements to Agilo.

This time Todd Jiang created a plugin for Agilo that allows you to get an estimate for how long working on tasks took the team.

This can of course be a nice way to feed that back into the team to improve their estimation skills.

So without further adoo, here's the plugin

Thanks so much Todd!

Sprint Planning, Just Enough & Just in Time

How to get a reasonable Sprint commitment without having to spend too much time in breaking down tasks at the Sprint Planning meeting, while being quite sure that you are going to make it

6 July 2009
Agilo, Scrum, Training

Never had the problem that the Sprint Planning Meeting often is at risk of going out of the time-box, and eventually the Development Teams didn't manage to fill up the Sprint Backlog with all the needed tasks?

I want to share with you a way - for sure no rocket science, but "Common Sense" as Ken would say - in which you can have a team committed to the deliverables, without having to struggle with the tasks breakdown, and at the same time having a "good enough" understanding about the commitment given to move forward... interesting? Than read forward :-)

The idea ...

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