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Notes from the Berlin Scrumtisch of February 2016

A selection of photos from the February, 2016 meeting of Berlin Scrumtisch, the official Scrum User Group

11 March 2016
Scrumtisch Berlin
scrum alliance, scrumtisch

Scrumtisch Berlin met again in February 2016 and this time we were at Café 100 Wasser in Friedrichshain. It was a full house with more than 60 Scrum practitioners. Standing room only! The session was facilitated by Gregory Keegan (CSM,CSP,CTC) and Andrea Tomasini (CST,CSC) who gave his expert advice to people who raised issues or problems they were facing in their organisation.

Click for a full gallery of the evening.

Berlin Scrumtisch February 2016

agile42 sponsors Agile Testing Days Netherlands

The Agile Testing Day NL are held on the 19th of March in Hotel Houten near Utrecht

18 March 2015
scrumtisch, scrumtisch berlin, stammtisch

ATD NL Logo 2015

We are excited to announce that agile42, like last year, is sponsoring the Agile Testing Day in the Netherlands on the 19th of March.

There are keynotes from Rachel Davies and old friends of agile42 Olaf Lewiz and Mike Sutton. Go check out the program and looking forward to meet you there.

Scrum Gathering Berlin - September 2014

Some info on the Scrum Gathering in Berlin which took place in September 2014

9 October 2014
Scrum Alliance, Scrum
scrumtisch, scrumtisch berlin, stammtisch
Recently we had the amazing opportunity to sponsor the scrum gathering in Berlin. Since our company Headquarters are also in Berlin, this was of course an opportunity we couldn't pass up. Because we had the home advantage, many of us attended the Gathering (some who were there were not even in the picture, if can you guess who's missing, let us know in the comments.)

This year the Scrum Alliance got some amazing keynote speakers, from very different ...

Notes from the Scrumtisch Berlin - September 29, 2014

Here are some notes of the Scrumtisch of the 29th of September.

1 October 2014
Scrumtisch Berlin
scrumtisch, scrumtisch berlin, stammtisch

Thanks to everybody who joined the Scrumtisch in Berlin on Monday. Here are some pictures of the flip charts we created at the Scrumtisch.

Agenda Scrumtisch Sept.2014

After collecting the suggested topics we selected the following ones to discuss in 4 groups:

  • Accepting user stories by the Product Owner
  • Can a team work without a Product Owner?
  • Do you need a Product Roadmap, how much do you plan ahead?
  • How can you facilitate dynamic meetings with distrubuted teams.

See below what the outcome of the breakout sessions was.   

Session outcome

Topics Scrumtisch Sept.2014

It turned out 3 of the 4 groups chose to further deepen the ...

Scrumtisch Berlin 25.04.2013

On 25th of April Ralf Kruse hosted the Scrumtisch in Berlin. We had some 15-20 attendees and started by capturing interesting topics. After a dot voting the following topic backlog was ready to be discussed.

23 May 2013
scrumtisch, scrumtisch berlin

Topic Backlog


  • Transition from technical role to PO role (2)
  • When to do estimations (2)
  • Agile vs. management culture (6/7)
  • Intrinsic motivation in an agile environment (5)
  • How to tell management to relax (4)
  • How to handle weak POs (3)
  • Why Scrum does not work (2)

Agile vs. Management Culture

Agile vs Mgmt Culture

The host of this topic had the example that new, unknown stakeholders join Sprint Reviews and come with new requirements without knowing anything about agile and the team's new development approach.

The question now was how to handle management and stakeholders who has no knowledge about agile. Following ...

Scrumtisch Berlin, August 2012

See you at the next Scrumtisch session!

16 August 2012
Scrumtisch Berlin
berlin, scrumtisch

Hello All,

we hope you've had a nice sommer and still have! :) We would like to invite you to an end-of-summer Scrumtisch session in Berlin, which this time will take place at a new location:

  • Date: 29. August 2012
  • Time: 18:30 
  • Place (new!): Cafe Restaurant Deseo, Boxhagener Str. 108,

Looking forward to seeing you all! 
(If you would like to attend, please send an email to, or register at the scrum user group on Xing :-)



Scrumtisch Berlin, May 2012

All about Kanban...

3 April 2012
Scrumtisch Berlin
agile, kanban, scrum, scrumtisch

Hello All,

I wish everybody nice and sunny Easter :-)

The next Scrumisch will be about Kanban. We will play the Kanban Pizza Game. So if you are interested in Kanban and you like to see how it works...

  • Date: 03. Mai 2012
  • Time: 18:30 
  • Place: Cafe Restaurant Hundertwasser, Simon Dach / Ecke Krossener Strasse

I am looking forward to see you there, and please send as usual an email to when you like to attend :-)



Notes from the Berlin Scrumtisch (August 2011)

Another great Scrumtisch in Berlin Friedrichshain in a new location - 100Wasser. Various peoples from different companies and backgrounds interested in participating in discussions on Scrum came together. The hottest topic was the merging of Scrum with Kanban, but we also talked about the Sprint to Zero Problem and How ...

16 August 2011
Scrumtisch Berlin
kanban, scrum, scrumtisch

Another great Scrumtisch in Berlin Friedrichshain in a new location - 100Wasser. Various peoples from different companies and backgrounds interested in participating in discussions on Scrum came together. The hottest topic was the merging of Scrum with Kanban, but we also talked about the Sprint to Zero Problem and How to fight Bad Scrum.

As usual we started collecting topics (timeboxed to five minutes). The list according to your votes (in brackets) was as follows:

  • Experiences with Scrum and Kanban (14)
  • Sprint to Zero (12)
  • How to Fight Bad Scrum (11)
  • Stories and Epics - How far to plan ahead (10)
  • Distributed ...

TDD / ATDD in practice

Follow up to the last Scrumtisch

10 May 2011
Scrumtisch Berlin
agile, atdd, scrum, scrumtisch, tdd

Hello everybody,

the last Scrumtisch was about TDD and ATDD. I got a lot of Feedback, that it would be nice to have a practical session on that topic too.

Andrea Tomasini and Richard Lawrence agreed on having such a session next week:

Date: 19. May 2011
Time: 17:00 - 19:00
Place. Klosterstr. 71, Berlin (at Hypoport)

NOTE: Please bring your laptop!!

Please let me know if you are coming


Scrumtisch Berlin, April 2011 with Andrea Tomasini and Richard Lawrence

You wanna know more about TDD and ATDD?

22 March 2011
Scrumtisch Berlin
agile42, scrum, scrum berlin, scrummaster, scrumtisch

Hello everybody,

we have 2 of the best technical Scrum Coaches in the world joining our next Scrumtisch in Berlin :-)

Andrea Tomasini and Richard Lawrence will be at the Scrumtisch in April to talk about TDD (Test Driven Development) and ATDD (Acceptance Test Driven Development)

As far as I know them, they might do a real session and developing some test together with you.

Date: Monday 11th April 2011
Time: 18:30
Place: Klosterstr. 71, Berlin (at Hypoport)
After we go for Dinner and Drinks somewhere :-)

Please let me know as usuall if you like to join the Scrumtisch Berlin ...

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