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Life Lessons With A Marshmallow?

One marshmallow, 20 pieces of spaghetti, a bit of string and some tape. How can children learn agile leadership and life skills with those items you ask? Welcome to the Marshmallow Challenge!

12 May 2011
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(Upper Lynn Elementary, North Vancouver, May 11, 2011) The challenge was on today for Mrs Horner’s Grade 3 class to learn a few life lessons and have fun while doing it! The students were asked to build the tallest, freestanding structure with a marshmallow on the top made only using spaghetti, string and tape. Who would have thought a marshmallow weighed so much? And so the learning begins.

Active parents Dave Sharrock, agile42 Coach and Doug Jaremchuk who consult in Lean and Agile methods felt that the Marshmallow Challenge was not only beneficial for corporate executives, but also a ...

The Breakfast of (Agile) Champions  

Meet agile42 at the Scrum Gathering in Seattle. Dave Sharrock, VP agile42 North America will talk about: Breakfast - the most important meal of the day.

7 April 2011
General, Scrum, agile
agile, dave sharrock, scrum gathering

Breakfast - the most important meal of the day. Certainly, if you miss breakfast around mid-morning you can find yourself lacking the energy and motivation to keep on working; Missing out on a good breakfast can doom you to an ineffectual and frustrating day. The kick-off of a major transition has a similar impact on the success of the transition.

But how can we increase the chance of success on a large transition? What is a 'good breakfast' when starting a large transition? What should be avoided? Drawing from our own experience of many successful transitions, and learning from the experiences ...

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