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Innovation, Lean, Agile. Myths and Misconception

Gaetano Mazzanti presentation at Lean Kanban Southern Europe 2015 on how LeanKanban and Agile contribute to innovative product and service creation

29 April 2015
Lean Management

Lean Kanban Southern Europe is a conference very close to our heart since we organized LKSE14 in Bologna last year. This time, LKSE15 has been organized with the usual passion by our Spanish friends in Madrid and I have been very happy to present a talk there focusing on the relationship between Innovation, Lean and Agile.

While LeanKanban and Agile introduced disruptive innovations in the “way of working” their main focus however was not on product innovation: the Agile Manifesto premise is that it is about “better ways” of developing software, Kanban first steps happened in a product maintenance context ...

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