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Succeeding with Agile from Mike Cohn - Get a signed copy

The new book **Succeeding with Agile** from **Mike Cohn** is now available. Get a signed copy of **Succeeding with Agile** or order the book for special condition

17 November 2009
Scrumtisch Berlin
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Hi all,

the new book Succeeding with Agile from Mike Cohn is now available. It's a guide to start with Scrum and I can strongly recommend it.

{Succeeding with Agile from Mike Cohn Mike was so kind to offer me some signed copies of Succeeding with Agile for the Berlin Scrumtisch. You like to get one? Please let me know. The first 10 ordering the book will have it ;-)

We also get special conditions on the price, so if you like to make a nice Christmas present or just like to have it for your selfe:

We will publish a review on ...

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