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Scrumtisch April - Multiproduct Solution, Big Scrum Projects & Multiple Teams

Today we are pleased to announce again a full house and interesting discussion around Scrum. Beside the speech from the Scrum Gathering in Orlando: Agile Creation of Multi-Product Solutions, we discussed also about the Topic Big Projects with Multiple Teams...

27 April 2009
Scrumtisch Berlin
multiproject, scrum, scrumtisch

24 people attended at the Scrumtisch on April 22nd. The "official" Part of the evening started with the usual collection of topics, like

  • Dysfunctional Scrum Pattern
  • CSM & Scrum Alliance Certifications
  • Reporting to the management in multi project Scrum environment
  • Performance Management in Scrum / Quality measurement
  • Small teams with many little projects
  • Big projects with multiple teams (Coordination, Planning, Reporting)

 Scrumtisch Berlin

After the priorisation the 1st topic was set: Big projects with multiple teams (Coordination, Planning, Reporting). During the discussion many useful suggestions and experiences have been exchanged. Questions like Who partitions the work?, How to report? How to estimate and set ...

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