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Scrumtisch February: Scrum at Amazon with Alan Atlas

Alan Atlas was talking about his time @Amazon and how they do or do not Scrum in the S3 project.

23 February 2010
Scrumtisch Berlin
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At the Berlin Scrumtisch in February 2010, Alan Atlas gave a presentation about his role regarding Scrum at Amazon (starting as early as back in 2004).

Scrumtisch February 2010 with Alan Atlas

This presentation described how scrum was adopted by more than half of the software developers at Amazon. Amazon’s corporate and development cultures played important roles, both positive and negative. With no executive sponsorship, adoption occurred primarily a team at a time. The wide range of success across teams and organizations leads to a number of important lessons learned with regard to enterprise scrum adoption.

Scrumtisch February 2010 with Alan Atlas

Alan gave examples on:

  • The value of simply explaining ...

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