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Why We Play

We want players to understand concepts that increase their chance to be successful in agile transitions, and to learn methods that help their teams

22 February 2013
Agile with a Purpose, StrategicPlay, Training
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As agile coaches, we regularly want to create a learning environment for people. We use concepts like Training from the Back of the Room to step aside and let them learn. We facilitate and regularly use games. Playing is an integral and very effective part of learning, as it opens people's minds and hearts and creates the emotional connections that makes experiences stick.

What makes learning agile challenging?

We want participants to understand concepts that in our experience increase their chance to be successful in agile transitions, and to learn practical methods that may help their teams as well ...

Scrum Getting Started (inkl. Scrum Lego City Planspiel)

1. Scrum - Theorie und Praxis und 2. Das Scrum Lego City Game

15 June 2009
scrum, scrum getting started, scrum lego city game

Aufgrund vieler Nachfragen, haben wir nun 3 öffentliche Termin für das Scrum Training inkl. Scrum Lego City Game angesetzt.

Das Scrum Lego City Game vermittelt in anschaulicher Weise warum und wie Scrum funktioniert, und der Scrum-Getting Started Kurs verbindet die nötige Theorie über Scrum mit dem Scrum Lego City Game. Während des Games werden vollständige Sprints mit Scrum Planning und Scrum Review Meetings und ein Release Sprint simuliert.

Für alle, die Scrum erleben und nicht nur erlernen wollen, ist dieser Kurs zu empfehlen:


  • Berlin 03. - 04. August 2009
  • München 11. - 12. August 2009
  • Stuttgart 15. - 16. September 2009

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