Targeted Coaching at the implementation of Scrum

ORBIT is the complete provider of customized IT solutions and business-critical applications. ORBIT provides comprehensive services, systems and products available that are tailored to the needs of customers. We focus on developing mobile business applications. In our innovative field customer requirements often make out during the project. From this perspective we see agile approach as a logical extension of our previously used process models. Therefore, we introduced Scrum as a process model in our team to develop mobile solutions. It was simportant for us that the introduction of the process will be accompanied by experienced consultants. Because of the positive feedback from our environment, we have decided to agile42.

With the introduction of Scrum in Mobile Solutions, we strive for the following improvements:

  • Quality of the software should be no contrast to flexibility in the requirements
  • Continuous improvement of the development to increase efficiency
  • Planning and estimating which permit increased flexibility


With the introduction of Scrum we were assisted in the preparation and implementation of the first sprint. The focus was on the approach that we can evolve and live Scrum independently in the future. 

In a two-day training were the basics taught for all all parties involved in the development with Scrum. In particular, the interactive nature of the training surprised me. - Exercises, like building a Lego city in four iterations / sprints with Scrum, showed the ideas behind the agile approach and helped to experience yourself.

In the first sprint, we should apply Scrum to our environment. Scrum is a simple framework. The challenge is the design of this framework, according to our needs. The coaches of agile42 accompanied us during the preparation to find our solutions.


Scrum has taken a shine to us. Starting with the first of the sprints, we could already see the following improvements:

  • Scrum gives the team a framework to further develop itself. It is fascinating to see how the team operates in this environment, independent and well disciplined. For example, the compliance of self-imposed rules of the team is called out.
  • From the first sprint on, the focus was based on the quality of the products. A fully integrated product at the end of each sprint has helped us to identify problems earlier.
  • Regarding agile estimation, we are still at the beginning. Basically, I believe that the approach to continually break down, to plan and estimate fits well with our innovative environment. While estimatating, the team members exchange ideas, which has already helped us to eliminate ambiguities at an early stage.
  • The first retrospectives helped us to reflect on our work and led to significant improvements.

Based on the introduction, we feel that we can enhance the process. The coaches helped us to find our own agile way.

"Our expectations for the introduction of the Mobile Solutions team have been satisfied 100%. The introduction helped us to implement Scrum as a framework that helps us to improve continuously. An application in other areas will be checked."

Thomas Gasber, Entwicklungsleiter Mobile Solutions, ORBIT Gesellschaft für Applikations- und Informationssysteme mbH