Effectvity, motivation and fun at work after the introduction of Scrum


Before your coaching we worked with "pseudo-Scrum" or using a few Scrum ideas. In our young company we had no Scrum experience but all of us knew something and this superficial knowledge helped us move from day to day. We all wanted to work with Scrum and reap its benefits, but we felt uneasy regarding our processes and in order to remove that we looked for professional coaching. 

As we value quality, we explicitly looked for a good coach. Our first point of contact was Mike Cohn, whom we asked for a recommendation. Mike recommended agile42. We followed his advice and booked an agile42 coach with the aim to feel safer with our development process and to better understand Scrum. In addition we expected a more coherent approach in the team, a clearer definition of our goals, as well as the tasks derived from these goals. We hoped our work would become easier and become more fun, as soon as our development process became more stable.

When we looked back this morning, we realised how much has changed. We do Scrum and feel assured that our process actually is a Scrum implementation. Furthermore, we noticed that team cohesion has grown as well as identification with the team and the two products we're developing in parallel.

Sprint planning ensures that our tasks are clearly defined and prioritised. This has the positive effect that Stephan, our managing director, can plan and estimate better. The consequent execution of reviews gives the team direct feedback, which adds safety to what we do and how we do it. In the retrospectives, we continually try to further improve our process, to become a better team. Since the coaching, we are better motivated and have more fun at work, as we know that we can always adapt our process. Your advice to try pair-programming has stuck, we maintain that practice as an inherent part of our process. With pair-programming, knowledge transfer has been greatly improved, and we have fun doing it :)

To give you a short bottom line: the coaching has been a huge success for us. We now know how to best organise our work, planning has become more reliable and we have become more effective and better motivated. And best of all, work now is more fun.

softwareinmotion-team  - Julien Gantner, Viktor Schepik, Barbara Hönle, Marcus Seel, Sabrina Lang + Stephan Brunnet

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