"… The team works excellent, the results are great."

In our software project at SCT we realize a unique video quality GPU architecture. We conduct research on advanced and highly efficient picture improvement algorithms which can be executed in real-time within the driver of the graphics cards. To achieve this, we collaborated closely with graphics cards supplier and Sony Japan.

When we were looking for a project management and software development process which is easy to understand and realize, which is lightweight and helps us to nurture teamwork, we conducted a brief survey on possible consultant companies via internet search.
We had a shortlist of companies which could have provided a training on SCRUM. agile42 suggested to add a coaching phase to get the process running quickly and reliably. This was a convincing approach for us since agile42 was committed to go through the change process together with us.

In the beginning, not all members of the team were convinced about the approach since the review, planning and retro appeared to be an accumulated overhead. Also the daily status updates where partially seen as micro management. We found also difficulties to map research tasks on algorithms on the SCRUM scheme. We were able to overcome these difficulties by keeping the built in continuous improvement process alive and adjusting the process step by step to our needs and situation. Next to this we had to agree the practice of the product owner role with our counterparts in Japan.

IThe agile42 coach helped us not to stick to the specification of the SCRUM process but helped us to understand better the basic principles and how to become more flexible in adjusting the process. He was able to illustrate the process with real world examples so that we could get an impression how things might work for us.

The choaching phase is definitely a jump start to accelerate the introduction of agile methodologies, to overcome initial hurdles and finally to generate also a higher level of commitment in the team itself. The subsequent consulting events which take place after the initial setup helped us to stay on track, to stabilize the process in institutionalize certain practices for example retros.

The introduction of SCRUM brought us to our target of having a defined project management and development process for the project. We achieved a high level of team work and improved the collaboration with our project partner at Sony Japan. In our department,our software team is recognized as one of the most effective project teams.

agile42 gave us great support to establish quickly a robust and well working project management and software development process based on the SCRUM approach in a project which has a highly complex context and project risks. The team works excellent, the results are great.

Oliver Erdler, Senior Manager
Stuttgart Technology Center - Sony Germany

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