Certified Agile Leadership Program

The vision for the program is to make the values and principles of Agile accessible to every leader, regardless of prior education and experience, by making known the why, what, and how of Agile in a pragmatic and experiential approach.

Scrum Alliance CAL 1 Credential

Therefore the program is intended for

  • executives, middle management, and other leaders with organizational influence;
  • leaders who support, lead, or interact with Agile teams;
  • any leader sponsoring, requesting, or involved with an Agile adoption within their organization.

The CAL program includes introductory education to bring awareness of the focus and journey of the Agile leader as well as an advanced path of validated learning and practice for the leader to continue the learning journey. Each of these levels includes a credential of completion.

Overview of Certified Agile Leadership program

agile42 is starting very soon to deliver official Certified Agile Leadership (Level 1) trainings for organizations. Get in touch to learn more about the availability of our coaches. Public classes will follow as well during 2017.

CAL Credential Level 1

The CAL Credential Level 1 (CAL1) program is an introductory, education-based program that consists of learning objectives across five categories. The goal of the CAL Credential Level 1 program is to bring awareness of Agile leadership thinking, focus, and behaviors and to start the Agile leader on their learning journey. The Level 1 credential is achieved upon successful completion of the CAL learning objectives. The CAL1 certification can be achieved through participation in the two-day training described below, when the required preparations have been completed.

Duration: 2 days

Learning Objectives: The learning objectives for the CAL1 cover five categories, which are delivered over a mixture of student preparations as well as lectures and exercises in the classroom:

  • The Context for Agile
  • Agile Overview
  • Leadership in an Agile Context
  • The Agile Organization
  • Agile Approaches to Change

The learning objectives for the program are based on the Agile Manifesto, Scrum, research in leadership effectiveness, and organizational patterns that are effective in complex and rapidly changing environments.

Attending the entire course qualifies you to receive the Certified Agile Leadership Credential Level 1.

PDUs and Scrum Alliance SEUs (toward CSP cert): 14

CAL Credential Level 2

The CAL Credential Level 2 (CAL2) program is an advanced education, validated practice, and peer-based sharing program that consists of learning and practice across three categories. The goal of the Credential Level 2 is to guide leaders in deepening, applying, and sharing their Agile leadership learning. The Credential Level 2 requires a Credential Level 1 and successful completion of the advanced education, validated practice, and peer-based sharing requirements.

The CAL2 is an individual pathway for each participant. As an Approved Education Provider agile42 will offer support to several activities during their journey towards the CAL2 credential.