Training feedback

At the end of our trainings we usually ask our participants to reflect the training and ask for their feedback as we always want to improve our skills as well. We would like to share these results with you. 

Here you can find an overview of our training evaluations, certified as well as non certified, and the Net Promotor Score. 

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Comments from our trainings


The workshop was a full success and by far the best and most interesting that I ever attended. The many exercises and team challenges had the best possible learning effect on me and kept my full attention throughout the training.

Gerhard Fleischmann, IT developer - Atrada Trading Network AG

I was surprised how much you can learn from a workshop.

Marco, Product Owner - Seibert-Media

Pretty fascinating style of workshop and message although I knew Scrum before. Thumbs up!

Robert Süggel, Architect - it-economics GmbH

Excellent knowledge of methodologies! Even skeptics with half-knowledge were convinced by the philosophy!

It was another training and coaching style without slides and presentations. Learning by doing is best to explain coaching

Edmund Kügeler, Head Numerical Methods Department - DLR

I found the training very well planned in terms of concepts and exercises. The expertise of Andrea was amazing and his hold over a large group of 27 with a such an ease is definitely an art. The training addressed my expectations and exercises provided simple and easy understanding of what I have learned theoretically.

Akbar Syed, Chief Engineer - Access Europe GmbH

Excellent overview of Agile principles for a beginner and understanding of the best practices (LEAN, Scrum) from a product manager perspective which would help it application in Pilot and scaling up.

Nagarajan Thisugnanam, Release Manager - Ericsson

The practical exercises are really valuable, as they deepen the memory and still provide knowledge and insight.

Ivan Jankovic, DPM/Enterprise Architect - Ericsson Nokia Tesla

Trainers have been able to keep the trainees’ attention always to the point. Lots of inputs and food for thought, to keep the momentum after the workshop. At the workshop closure, you are hunting for more experiences like this.

Riccardo Lancioni, IT Team Leader - GE Oil&Gas

I have come out of the training with a bunch of ideas I could immediately use

Wojciech Baran, Localisation QA Analyst - Wooga GmbH

This was by far the best professional course that I've attended. If all were this engaging I'd attend many more. Thank you!

Karen R., Data Operation Manager

I just wanted to say thank you again. I have my MBA, PMP, etc and I can honestly say this was hands down the best training class I have ever attended. I feel very lucky that our company allowed us this opportunity. You guys do an amazing job facilitating and keeping people interested. I can only hope I can be that great of a facilitator and educator someday with my own teams. I am so excited to use the new tools in my toolbox for my sprint planning on Monday, and easily passed the CSM test with the knowledge I obtained in your class.

Stephanie C., Project Manager

The course is great as it teaches not just the teams and processes about agile, but also the key concepts of how to make agile successful. The in-class activities keep everyone focused & engaged. The instructor is knowledgable and able to communicate the essence clearly, and is able to control the pace very well.

Excellent instructor, excellent examples! Quick pace. Lego city is an excellent application.

One of the best animated, diverse, fun yet enlightening trainings I've attended.

I am very busy and was not overly excited to spend my day in class. I am now very happy that I had the opportunity and I am excited to share the concepts with my team. You are very personable and a great trainer. Thank you! Actually, I wish the class would have been longer.

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