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Your individual journey to agility

Becoming Agile is a personal journey. Regardless of your career, your interests, or past experience, everyones starts their Agile journey for different reasons. Over the years, our agile42 coaches have amassed a vast amount of experience and their ability to increase your knowledge and improve your teams is unparalleled.

In our trainings we use:

  • Techniques from Accelerated Learning
  • Principles and concepts from Training from the Back of the Room
  • Interactions and group collaboration

Leadership Training & Workshops

Scrum & Kanban Certifications

eLearning & Self Learning

Leadership Workshop & Trainings

Our workshops and trainings are available remote as well as in person

ORGANIC Leadership Journey


ORGANIC Leadership Foundations

(Results in CAL I Certification from Scrum Alliance)

While leadership recognizes the role they play in any significant organizational change, how they influence that change is often left to chance. The ORGANIC agility Leadership Journey help you to successfully support your Agile transformations.

This workshop meets all of the learning objectives of the Scrum Alliance Certified Agile Leadership 1 (CAL 1) Program. Note: Not all educators are approved to teach a CAL I.


ORGANIC Leadership Practice

(Results in CAL II Certification from Scrum Alliance)

(Can result in CAL II Certification from Scrum Alliance)

This 3 day non consecutive practice program provides you with the CAL 2 Certification.  Attending a CAL 1 workshop is a prerequisite.



360° Leadership

The 360° leadership program provides leverage for the unique leader position as influencer in all directions- up (to your leader), across (among your peers), and down (to those you lead). Learn more about skills, effectiveness and influence you have as an executive, leader or manager.


ORGANIC agility Accreditation

The era of complexity has arrived and this, in addition to Cynefin is the current most cutting edge set of principles and patterns that one can utilize to cope with the challenges posed by the accelerating pace of change into the adjacent possible.

T. Joentakanen, Business Agility Strategist


Organizational Scan (OrgScan)

In order to discover the culture and processes that can lead you to becoming a more resilient organization, you need to start from an understanding of where you are right now. The OrgScan gives you the status quo on which to base your strategy.

Scrum & Kanban Certifications

  Our trainings are available remote as well as in person

Certified Scrum Master Journey

Your Journey starts with the Certified Scrum Master Training.

Prerequisite: none

You gained experiences as a Scrum Masters here's the second leg of your journey.

Prerequisite: CSM

You gained experiences as a Scrum Masters here's the second leg of your journey.

Prerequisite: A-CSM

Certified Scrum Product Owner Journey

Your Journey starts with the Certified Product Owner Training.

Prerequisite: none

You gained experiences as a Product Owner here's the second leg of your journey.

Prerequisite: CSPO

CSP-PO Coming soon

Prerequisite: A-CSPO

Certified Kanban Journey

KMP I: Kanban Systems Design. This is the first step to achieve the Kanban Management Professional (KMP) accreditation.

Prerequisite: none

KMP II: Kanban Systems Management. You should learn how to scale and improve your existing Kanban implementation.

Prerequisite:  KMP I



Team Facilitation

ICAgile Certified Training

The ICP-ATF two-day course is one of two certified courses on the Agile Coaching track from ICAgile. It focuses primarily on the role and mindset of an agile team facilitator and group facilitation tools and techniques you can use to effectively design and facilitate meetings and workshops.


Advanced Team Coaching Course

ICF Certified Training

The Advanced Team Coaching Course (ATCC) is for ScrumMasters, Team Coaches and others who want to take their skills, knowledge and abilities for coaching and facilitating teams to a professional level beyond the basics.


Team Coaching Framework

Day by day support

The Team Coaching Framework™ (or TCF) is a revolutionary initiative by agile42 to speed up the team learning process and performance, and to help new Agile coaches in any organization.

A participant's voice

Thank you very much for the exciting two days. It was a great (online) experience. For me the "switch" to a virtual training was very successful. I was also impressed about the online simulation. VERY GOOD!!!”
Markus Classen
change factory GmbH

eLearning & More


Introduction to Agile & Scrum

This course aims at providing the basics to understand Agile and Scrum. It starts by introducing a bit of history about the Agile Manifesto and how it was created. The primary focus is on the basic principles that drive agility.


Graphic Facilitation Communicate with Visuals

The ability to visualize became an important skill for many fields in our professional work life. Known as Visual Facilitation, Visual Recording, Graphic Recording, Scribing or Visual thinking.


Understand Complexity: Cynefin®

In today’s volatile and uncertain world, there is a need for new ways of making sense of current situations and to manage new and rapidly shifting contexts. This online course introduces complexity theory and insights...

We, agile42, are impressed how our clients react to the Corona circumstances and interact with us in remote and virtual ways. Most of our services, workshops and  trainings can be done remotely in the typical agile42 manner: Interactive, professional and highliy motivating. Marion Eickmann, CEO agile42
Marion Eickmann
CEO agile42


ORGANIC agility Handbook

Leadership & Organization

ORGANIC agility is our comprehensive approach to understanding the functioning of organizations in the market, how they change trough internal and external interactions, and how we can influence that change to let a more resilient organization emerge. This handbook is ...


Hitchhiker's Guide to Agile Coaching

For new agile coaches, experienced ScrumMasters and interested development managers, the book contains a solid introduction to team coaching from an agile perspective. Starting from the basics of listening and observing, the book progresses to structured conversations with individuals and teams, team development, synergy and performance, and gives practical guidance ...

Planning Poker Cards

Use these simple Planning Poker decks to break down complex software engineering problems into manageable chunks, and estimate fast and precise. The Planning Poker Card Decks come together with the Business Value Game.