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Growing Agile Teams

At agile42, we are experts in helping organizations of all sizes and from all industries to successfully adopt agile methods. Depending on your needs we guide and support your teams and company not only to do Agile but also to be Agile.

Is agile42 the right partner for your Agile teams?


No methods fits all

We help you identifying the right methods, like Scrum, Kanban or simply the Agile process which suits your environment best. We introduce proven practices and, more importantly, we help your teams understand the principles behind the practices. We enable you to find your solution and optimize your processes through retrospection and continuous improvement.

agile42 Coaching Structure & Tools


The Team Coaching Framework (TCF) provides a full range of coaching tools and supports you to develop the best coaching structure.

With our modular training courses and our proven coaching approach we partner with customers of all sizes, helping not only their teams, roles and leadership to grow into agility, but also enable the overall growth of the company.

From Teams, Startups to Enterprises

With our approach we successfully coach and train all types of companies - from large multinational organizations like Siemens and Ericsson to medium size companies like Sipgate, Aperto or Ableton as well as startups like Babbel, Newstore and many more. See our references section to learn more.

The Team Coaching Framework


Our experienced Agile coaches will help your company understand the impact of the change and track the progress of that change as you move towards your defined business goals. To enable a long-lasting and sustainable transition, we also help you to develop internal coaching capabilities. To this end we have developed the Team Coaching Framework™ which accelerates your coaches’ learning and help your organization to scale Agile effectively from the bottom-up as well as top-down.

5 Steps to Becoming Agile

Becoming Agile as an organization initiates a change within the organizational culture. It requires embracing a different set of value and principles, and thereby establishing a mindset strongly based on collaboration and focused on delivering customer value.
  1. agile42 OrgScan to understand the organisation’s cultural profile
  2. Organisational Assessment to learn more about your current situation
  3. Agile Strategy to align and coordinate the implementation of your Agile transition
  4. Training to provide deep understanding and knowledge
  5. Coaching to support the ongoing change of processes, mindset and culture.

Agile within an Organization

Becoming Agile an organization initiates a change within the organizational culture, since to become Agile requires embracing a different set of values and principles, and thereby, establishing a mindset strongly based on collaboration and focused on delivering customer value.