Success Stories

Since more than 10 years agile42 coaches teams and organizations of all branches and sizes to identify their Agile processes. Please find some of their stories on this page.
“With agile42 you can always be sure that you won't be sold unrealistic short-term miracles. Instead, you will get a thorough treatment that is always based on scientific knowledge and not buzzwords.”

 Jens Goldmann, sipgate

Fast growth brought challenges as well as rewards to the telecommunications company from Düsseldorf, which in 2009 was struggling to structure its new, larger self and to create innovative products. With the help of agile42, within a year Sipgate not just overcame the crisis, but became a model of agility, literally writing a book on the subject.

"The improvement has been tremendous, co-operation with business has improved and the feedback loop is faster."


Passion for food and great ideas drove FOODBOOM, a collective of food and social media professionals from Hamburg. And when the time came to confront their strategy and build on their vision, they asked agile42 for a helping hand.

Siemens logo with claim
Where once everyone focused on their own tasks, multiple teams can now decide for themselves to work in parallel on thessame project, focusing on a common goal. This is a result (and a process) that would have been impossible in the former, pre-Agile days

Thomas Eberharth

One of the project teams of the Siemens Digital Factory, consisting of around 50 employees, develops software automation systems, used by manufactures all around the world. However, by 2015, this market leading high-tech division aiming to provide innovative solutions to their customers was facing new challenges in terms of flexibility due to upcoming future trend developments in the industrial market, mainly driven by the upcoming trend of digitalization. In order to keep the driving position in the market, the project team had to take the next level of evolution.

"The fundamental changes through this transition have significantly contributed to our speed and quality goals."

Olgay Taş, etiya CTO

"As one of Turkey’s largest software companies, we have embarked on a journey to improve quality & speed, where the most important milestone is the Etiya Agile Transition program.

Starting mid 2015, we have implemented the agile42 transition framework. agile42 has been our most valuable partner in the agile transition with their training and coaching services."

"The improvement has been tremendous, co-operation with business has improved and the feedback loop is faster."

"With the help of agile42, Swedbank Group IT Baltic Banking Division learned how to build better products faster while at the same time improving the collaboration and increasing the motivation among employees.

As little as a year ago, business and IT worked from their own assumptions, towards their own goals. Small misunderstandings caused large delays. “The weekly meetings used to be a blame game,” recalls Oleg Marofejev, Head of Digital Channels. “Now the meetings are all about what we have achieved together in the last week."

"Prioritising is a very important keyword [...] Agile gives us greater flexibility and ' 'makes it possible to rethink things"
Reinier van Wel, Information Architect at Springer Science+Business Media

Digitisation is shaking up publishing in a big way. Publishing houses, if they are to survive, cannot afford to set their face against the dynamic in this market, but instead need to exploit it themselves.

In this context, the publishing house Springer Medizin felt the need to adapt its online presence to the changed requirements and to re-launch its website. The demands were oriented to the one-platform strategy and the options available when it comes to today’s end-devices: amongst other things, the aim was to achieve responsive design to shape the content in line with the reader’s equipment, regardless of whether the site was accessed via a conventional PC, a tablet computer or a smartphone.

"… the workshop is superb."
Leonard Agung Prayitno, Factory Automation - European Development Center Mitsubishi Electric Europe B. V.
"Whenever I’m asked to give feedbacks, for politeness reason I normally say that everything is good. But now, for this workshop I have to say, that the workshop is superb. Never I’ve participated in such a workshop. It’s truly a very well structured, organized and deliberate workshop. I also can say, that all the participants loved the workshop, especially the games were entertaining and at the same time really eye-opening experiences. […]"
"… The team works excellent, the results are great."
Oliver Erdler, Senior Manager
Sony Stuttgart Technology Center - Sony Germany
"agile42 gave us great support to establish quickly a robust and well working project management and software development process based on the SCRUM approach in a project which has a highly complex context and project risks."
"They would listen and advise us as we worked on our own, which made it very easy to continue after they were gone."

team member

A major player in the insurance industry began the transformation from a Waterfall project management method to an Agile approach in 2014 with the implementation of two successful pilot teams. When moving forward and scaling beyond these pilots required a more comprehensive approach, the company partnered with agile42 in the summer of 2015. Unlike other coaching companies, agile42’s Enterprise Transition Framework™ (ETF) offered a pathway to success, an important consideration for any company, especially one in a risk-averse industry.
Moving to the next level with Agile Methods
Dr. Michael Jahnich, Director Product Development, COMPRION GmbH

"We could immediately see the advantages of agile processes and thanks to agile42‘s custom-tailored practical tips we were able to directly integrate the new techniques into our daily routines."

With the help of the agile experts of agile42, specializing in agile methods such as Scrum, Kanban as well as their own Agile Transition Framework we were able to introduce and implement the agile working approach in our company.

MeVis made the change sustainable with the help of agile42

In the wake of product quality challenges in 2009, MeVis decided to try out Scrum in one software team. For too long MeVis had prioritised features over quality in their medical imaging products, letting technical debt accumulate to the point of putting their customer satisfaction at risk. They now needed to try out new and radical solutions.

The Scrum experiment quickly generated positive results and the method was soon adopted by all teams. However, the transition didn’t move ahead quickly enough and it became clear that a more profound change was needed. MeVis needed a more structured approach.

agile42’s Scrum competence adds value for Atrada AG
Atrada AG had some big expectations when they introduced agile methods in the organization: reduced reaction and development time, increased efficiency, and greater customer and employee satisfaction. In order to reach these goals the online marketplace specialists brought in the agile coaches from agile42.
Effectvity, motivation and fun at work after the introduction of Scrum
softwareinmotion-team - Julien Gantner, Viktor Schepik, Barbara Hönle, Marcus Seel, Sabrina Lang + Stephan Brunnet
"The coaching has been a huge success for us. We now know how to best organise our work, planning has become more reliable and we have become more effective and better motivated. And best of all, work now is more fun."
Targeted Coaching at the implementation of Scrum
Thomas Gasber, Entwicklungsleiter Mobile Solutions, ORBIT Gesellschaft für Applikations- und Informationssysteme mbH
"Our expectations for the introduction of the Mobile Solutions team have been satisfied 100%. The introduction helped us to implement Scrum as a framework that helps us to improve continuously. An application in other areas will be checked."
SCRUM: Predictable release plans, transparency and understanding of roles and responsibilities
CEO Nurdan Eris, Filewave, Wil, Switzerland
"agile42 was the best investment we've ever made, period."
Agile Portfolio Management - Scrum Eliminates Waste
Christian Mahnke, Founder and CEO, SilverTours GmbH
"Our agile42 consultant, was a remarkable coach who helped us to quickly understand the new roles and ways of working. He was indispensable for our successful company transformation."
Guaranteed Success
Michael Bush, CEO Landau Media
"Implementing Scrum on your own is difficult. To guarantee success use experienced coaching support to train and coach teams through the transition. When choosing to implement an agile development methodology like Scrum, we recommend agile42 as the best partner for your business needs."
Scrum with distributed Teams
Dave Sharrock, Director IT, be2 S.à.r.l.
"The Agile project approach allowed be2 the ability to monitor the project’s performance every two weeks, and to evaluate the performance and quality. agile42 did a perfect job in training and coaching distributed Scrum teams based in both Germany and Armenia for this project. agile42 has been an indispensable link for a successful company transformation."
All goals are reached
Niels Verdonk, VP Development eBuddy
"Scrum really opened our eyes, in particular the need for a properly prioritized product backlog and it forced us to define our company and product strategies more in detail. We are now using the scrum framework to take our organization to the next level, and the Open Source tool Agilo is helping us in doing it faster! Thanks to agile42 we have reached all our goals."
Highly ranked Scrum trainings at Ericsson Nikola Tesla
In the last few month we made several Scrum trainings at Ericsson Nikola Tesla in Croatia. They provide us with the result of a questioning regarding the trainings and have been so kind to allow us to publish these results on our website.
Optimal Scrum Implementation
Andreas Bytzek, Teamleader Software-Development / CDO, der heisse draht (
"Thanks to the professional consulting, trainings and coaching of agile42 we start with a high motivation and improved productivity into 2009" Andreas Bytzek, Teamleader Software-Development / CDO, der heisse draht (
Outstanding Quality Optimization
(Marco Kisperth, CIO, Hypoport AG)
"The experience and professionalism of agile42 during the analysis and optimization of our corporate structures helped us to become faster and more effective in achieving our aims."
Efficient & Professional Scrum Implementation
Götz Bernhardi, CEO Aquin Components (today Princeton Financial Systems GmbH)
"With the integration of all the project stakeholder, the substantiated and praxis based knowledge transfer, the individual Scrum Team Coaching and the use of Agilo for Scrum, agile42 was able to exceed optimal results. The motivation in our teams increased and we generate a much faster ROI."
Successful Scrum Implementation
Adrie Sweep, VP Research & Development, RES Software
"Andrea Tomasini, agile42, assisted RES Software with the successful implementation of SCRUM as a framework for agile software development. This resulted in a proud and more productive Research and Development organization, that during the last 6 months was able to deliver every release with the required quality on the agreed release date."
CEO Mario Pelleschi, ASDIS Software AG, Berlin (Germany)
"The clear and easy to understand processes of Andrea Tomasini (agile42) helped ASDIS Software AG to increase the "Go to Market" by approximately 50%."