Agile Reading Glasses

Agility is misunderstood and misinterpreted many times. In order to understand what's behind agility you need what we call the Agile Reading Glasses!

The Agile Reading Glasses are assembled by 4 main parts:

  1. Empirical Process Control
  2. Pull Principle
  3. Lean Thinking
  4. Iterative & Incremental

Empirical Process Control

To develop a product or deliver a service you can use three different ways to control the flow of work. These are: defined process control, statistical process control and empirical process control. In order to achieve a cost effective and risk effective control approach, you need to start from empirical and move towards defined, with small incremental steps, to avoid losing control.

Read more and watch a video about Process Control.

Agile Reading Glasses: Process Control

Pull Principle

From System Thinking we know that the system of work produces the behavior. We know to major different systems of work that we can call Push System and Pull System. If you want innovation and creative solutions you should implement a pull system. A pull system focuses on collaboration, goal and value orientation.

Read more and watch a video about the Pull Principle.

Agile Reading Glasses: Push and Pull

Lean Thinking

Lean thinking has an extreme focus on clients and value. It aims at reducing the amount of wasteful activities by focusing on what is necessary to fulfill clients’ expectations. Lean thinking is about focusing on the clients and removing everything which doesn’t add value for them.

Read more and watch a video on Lean Thinking.

Lean Thinking by Benjamin Felis

Iterative & Incremental

An Iterative & Incremental approach, which starts by validating the assumptions and the problem statement allows for faster and more accurate development of a solution which will meet customers’ expectations.

Read more and watch a video on the Iterative & Incremental approach.

Agile Reading Glasses: Iterative and Incremental