Further learning after your Scrum training

Here is a list of read-further pointers that are useful for students that have attended our Certified ScrumMaster trainings or other trainings, and for anyone interested in deepening their understanding of Scrum. Some of these topics are discussed during our 2-day classes while others are left for further exploration.

YouTube and blog

 You can continue your learning by following our expert coaches' advice on our blog and our YouTube channel, where you can find short clips by our team and longer presentations given to conferences and events.                     

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Do Better Scrum

A good read to sum up the learning about Scrum is Do Better Scrum, an unofficial set of tips and insights into how to implement Scrum well, free for download in various languages and formats. Written by Certified Scrum Coach & agile42 Trainer Peter Hundermark. In the words of the author "I hope this little booklet may be a source of inspiration to help you do Scrum and Agile a little better each day."