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Your individual journey to agility

Becoming Agile is a personal journey. Regardless of your career, your interests, or past experience, everyones starts their Agile journey for different reasons. Over the years, our agile42 coaches have amassed a vast amount of experience and their ability to increase your knowledge and improve your teams is unparalleled.

In our trainings we use:

  • Techniques from Accelerated Learning
  • Principles and concepts from Training from the Back of the Room
  • Interactions and group collaboration

"I just spent 3 virtual days with a couple of the agile42 team, and WOW! Martin and Daniel are exceptional facilitators and extremely knowledgeable about Agile and Leadership."

- Sandra O.

"Excellent trainers and content with not a ppt in sight!"

- Alan A.

"Organic Agility is a game changing approach in achieving outcomes with my clients on their path to agility."

- Michael K.

"Great facilitators, and the course worked really well online - thank you!"

- Gregg B.

"Great course. I very much liked the online part of the training as we were people from around the globe at the same place for the same purpose. Great to find new connections. Thank you."

- Erik S.

"I appreciate the team work that we were able to apply despite the remote sessions."

- Laura S.

"I would like to sincerely thank you both for a great training and chance for the collaboration! That was a really awesome and fun experience!"

- Farid Z.

"Brilliant course, well above expectations! It is very practical and gives me many tools to use in my job as a PO. Great interactivity. I have also appreciated that even the round tables and exercises were made using the Scrum Master toolbox and are also usable for us in our jobs. Well done, team!"

- Maria K.

"Training sessions were very well balanced between raw theory and practical activities. The trainer was very well prepared and managed to include everybody even though experience level of the participants was quite different. Thank you!"

"Thank you very much for the exciting two days. It was a great (online) experience. For me the "switch" to a virtual training was very successful. I was also impressed about the online simulation. VERY GOOD!!!” "

- Markus Klassen, change factory GmbH

"Really enjoyed my first remote training and am now a Certified Agile Team Facilitator. Thank you to agile42 and Mariet Visser for a fantastic course. Looking forward to using my toolbox in future facilitations."

- Jeisen D.

"This course was both enjoyable and facilitated extremely well. The theory was easy to understand and there was a great flow between this and the interactive exercises which kept me focused and engaged. I would highly recommend this course to anyone working remotely and having to connect with teams in remote spaces"

- Kirsten G.

eLearning & More


Introduction to Agile & Scrum

This course aims at providing the basics to understand Agile and Scrum. It starts by introducing a bit of history about the Agile Manifesto and how it was created. The primary focus is on the basic principles that drive agility.


Graphic Facilitation Communicate with Visuals

The ability to visualize has become an important skill for many fields in our professional work life. Known as Visual Facilitation, Visual Recording, Graphic Recording, Scribing or Visual thinking.


Understand Complexity: Cynefin®

In today’s volatile and uncertain world, there is a need for new ways of making sense of current situations and to manage new and rapidly shifting contexts. This online course introduces complexity theory and insights...

We, agile42, are impressed how our clients have reacted to the Corona circumstances and interacted with us in remote and virtual ways. Most of our services, workshops and trainings can be done remotely in the typical agile42 manner: interactive, professional and highly motivating. Marion Eickmann, CEO agile42
Marion Eickmann
CEO agile42


ORGANIC agility Handbook

Leadership & Organization

ORGANIC agility is our comprehensive approach to understanding the functioning of organizations in the market, how they change through internal and external interactions, and how we can influence that change to let a more resilient organization emerge. This handbook is ...


Hitchhiker's Guide to Agile Coaching

For new Agile Coaches, experienced ScrumMasters and interested development managers, this book contains a solid introduction to team coaching from an agile perspective. Starting from the basics of listening and observing, the book progresses to structured conversations with individuals and teams, team development, synergy and performance, and gives practical guidance ...

Planning Poker Cards

Use these simple Planning Poker decks to break down complex software engineering problems into manageable chunks, and estimate fast and precise. The Planning Poker Card Decks come together with the Business Value Game.