Visual Facilitation Workshop

Benjamin Felis

Benjamin Felis, graphic recorder & illustrator, takes you on an immersive experience on how to communicate with visuals!

We offer this training as a remote course (2x6 hr).

Visual Superpower

The ability to visualize is an important skill for many fields in our professional work life. Known as Graphic RecordingSketchnotingVisual FacilitationScribing or Visual Thinking.

This class serves as a first step into the exciting world of visualization – on postersflipcharts as well as normal sized paper.

You can even use the skills digitally on your tablet or iPad!

What we will cover:

  • General introduction into creative visualization
  • Material knowledge
  • Typography basics
  • Forms, colours and symbols
  • Characters and figures
  • Structure and composition of convincing visualizations
  • Final assignment


  • You reduce barriers in drawing and extend your communication and presentation skills
  • You develop your own personal style of writing and drawing
  • You use visualizations professionally and design your seminars, consultations and presentations more effectively and richer in variation
  • You are so much cooler 🙂

You will learn:

  • draw simple and creative processes!
  • use symbols and typography spontaneously!
  • develop a nice design!
  • use visuals to communicate your ideas!

Visual Storytelling

From ancient caves and firesides chats to modern offices and meetings; storytelling is an intrinsic part of the human experience.

Good stories are remembered and the very best balance an engaging topic with exciting visuals. Although technology has moved on since our ancestors relied on cave paintings and shadow animals, the basic fundamentals of telling a great story remain the same.

Welcome to StoryVisualTelling! The workshop that puts equal emphasis on all three parts: Story - Visuals - Telling

What we will cover:

  • General introduction into storytelling
  • Models, Message, Audience and Meta-knowledge
  • The StoryVisualTelling Formula
  • Iterative development of a convincing story
  • The perfect visual support
  • Presentation tips for live situations
  • Final live presentation


  • You get condensed storytelling knowledge
  • You practice storytelling through many practical tasks
  • You know how to create convincing stories quickly with the StoryVisualTelling formula
  • You know how to visually support your story perfectly
  • You know tips how to perform in front of an audience
  • You might even be having fun 🙂

What you get - besides the online experience:

  • A workbook with all the content of the workshop (pdf)
  • Photo-documentation of all charts
  • A certificate of attendance
  • A 15% Neuland shopping voucher
  • A visual feedback flat rate by email
  • Online coaching discount
  • If wanted: publicity on the social media channels of Benjamin Felis (InstagramFacebookLinkedIn)

Material requirements

Yes you will draw also! Here is the list of material you should have to follow along with the workshop:

  • Paper in any size (the bigger the better) - about 25 sheets
  • Black markers
  • Light coloured markers


  • Grey marker for shadows
  • Wax/pastel crayons

What participant's have to say

Awesome and fun experience. I learnt a lot in a short amount of time and it inspired me to sketch/draw more. Thank you.
Thomas Fritz
It's such a wonderful time spent with Benjamin and other colleagues! Opens my mind and helps me re-build my confidence for drawing.
Haiyan Yung
Great online course about visualization! Visualization techniques are well explained and shown. I learned a lot. Thank you Ben!
Anke Wolf

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