Feb. 3, 2011

From the Product Vision to a Running Software... and back again

Andrea Tomasini - Keynote at the ReConf 2011

Hi everybody :)

Andrea Tomasini is having a keynote on the ReConf in March which is the most famous conference for Requirement Engineering in Europe. (March 14.-17. 2011)

Andrea's Keynote will be on Wednesday, March 16th - 09:00-10:00 a.m.


From the Product Vision to a Running Software... and back again, an agile coach story by Andrea Tomasini Eliciting Requirements and breaking them down into actionable tasks is a challenge that requires both creativity and a systematic and analytical approach. Applying agility to Requirement Engineering, means much more than focusing on full bandwidth communication instead of documentation... Discovering a more empirical approach to Requirement Engineering - an approach that allows you to focus systematically on what needs to be done, as well as allowing creative tension to emerge and find the simplest and more concrete solutions for your Requirements engineering.

About the Speaker

Andrea Tomasini is the founder of agile42 GmbH and expert in lean, agile methodologies and strategic consulting. He has been working in the software development and product management as well as the process optimization arena for more than 15 years and is one of the few Certified Scrum Coaches in the world.

Andrea trained and coached a diverse range of teams and helped many companies in various industries: finance, telecommunication and automotive in implementing agile methods like Scrum. His background includes experience in software and product development, business and functional analysis, lean coaching, organizational change, system architecture and project management.

Andrea serves many customers as a strategic advisor and agile coach and consultant to the IT organization, helping in implementing Scrum effectively with distributed teams.

Further information:

10. Requirements Engineering Tagung 2011, March 14th till March17th

"10 years of REConf"- Requirements-Engineering becomes more and more important in many companies. Ten years ago the ReConf was just a very small event with only 70 participants and now it is Europe´s biggest conference focussing on Requirement-Engineering.

In first evening (14.03.2011) called "evening of Science" representatives from universities and research institutions report on the newest trends regarding Requirements-Engineering.

The speeches include the following topics:

  • Agile Requirements-Engineering
  • Requirement and modeling
  • Requirements and project management
  • Requirements and risk management
  • Requirements and test management
  • Requirements and configuration, variation and line of products
  • Requirements and tool support

So if you are interested in participating this event, please send us an e-mail and we can send you a Promo-Code :)

Looking forward to hear from you and if you have any questions please feel free to contact us.


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Marion Eickmann

I am one of the founders of agile42. Even though I am not an engineer I consider myself almost a "Techi" as I have been working in the field of software development for 10 years now.
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Image of marion

Marion Eickmann

I am one of the founders of agile42. Even though I am not an engineer I consider myself almost a "Techi" as I have been working in the field of software development for 10 years now.

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