May 6, 2011

Awesome Coach of the Week: Marc Bless

We honour Marc Bless as Awesome Coach of the Week 18, 2011!

Marc Bless is a passionate agile coach and one of the most prominent German members of the agile community. We met at and organised conferences and coach camps together, created games and funny business.

Agile Principles Analyser

Marc has been coaching teams in a company developing medical devices for a few years now. With this experience, he analysed the 12 principles of the Agile Manifesto and published his findings in a series of 12 blog posts. We find this work concise and intriguing.
This is how Marc reacts if you do not understand the agile principles:
Marc Bless

Agile in Regulated Environments

I joined Marc's workshop session “Tailoring Agile and Regulated Environments” at the XP2011 conference in Trondheim last year. I had been working with Scrum in defence, medical and government projects before and have done myself quite a bit of work on integrating Scrum with the German V-Modell XT, which made me highly interested in the topic. We found we had devised quite similar solutions for a variety of common problems, and decided on working together on that topic in the future. We designed workshop and tutorial sessions for the SEE2011 and XP2011 conferences, which unfortunately did not make it into the program—but we'll surely find a place to make that happen in the future!


Lean Procrastination

Late on night on Skype, Marc and I exchanged work experiences and came up with the idea of Procrastination Coaching. We created a @ProProCoach Twitter account and talked about the topic at the German XP Days 2010, where the idea somehow took off. We'll continue to find procrastination coachees and expand our studies to new areas like AgileProcrastination, ProcrastinationBut while we'll continue to issue badges for awesome procrastination quotes or successful misses of the Last Responsible Moment.
We designed a Last Responsible Moment Game at Play4Agile, which made it into the official conference program of Agile2011 in Salt Lake City! Your chance to meet Marc Bless in person.

Awesome Coach of the Week

This is why we think Marc Bless is an Awesome Coach. If you can add an awesome experience with Marc, please do so in the comments. We honour one Coach a week. Suggestions welcome!

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