July 8, 2013

Comprion goes agile

Test equipment specialist COMPRION moves to next level with agile methods with the help of experienced agile professionals of agile42

The agile experts of agile42, specializing in agile methods such as Scrum, Kanban as well as their own Agile Transition Framework, were COMPRION’s choice for introducing and implementing the agile working approach throughout their Paderborn located company. According to COMPRION’s executives being more agile enables them to faster react to customer requests and changing markets, which they consider to be a real competitive advantage.

The first step of the agile transition was to help the management to a basic understanding of agile processes and leadership-methodology and the advantages connected to these methods. In a workshop session with enough space to focus on all questions and concerns of the management agile42 was able to reduce some of the management’s misconceptions of agile methods. The workshop was followed by a first training in which the managers were able to familiarize with agile management methods on a more detailed level. The feedback to this training was highly positive: “We could immediately see the advantages of agile processes and thanks to agile42‘s custom-tailored practical tips we were able to directly integrate the new techniques into our daily routines.” says Dr. Michael Jahnich, Director Product Development at COMPRION GmbH.

In phase three of four of the agile transition the coaches communicated the Scrum essentials to COMPRION’s project teams. Differing from the requirements of the management team, the project teams needed to concentrate on agile soft- and hardware development processes, which belong to a different field of the agile methodology. 

Also this transition from classical to agile development techniques very quickly showed first results: transparency increased immediately so that all project members were continuously up to date with the project’s progress and status. “These (new) insights are a big boost to the motivation of everyone, as now also in complex projects every employee is aware of the big picture.” says Jahnich.

Due to the overall positive experience with the agile approach COMPRION has decided to continue with agile42 to introduce the remaining project teams to agile development methods until the end of the year. Michael Jahnich comments: “Initially we were not focussing on Scrum, changing to agile methods was practically a natural alongside development. But only a few month after starting with agile, we realize that we are much better prepared for market requirements.”


The company agile42, founded in Berlin, specializes in consultancy, coaching and training related to agile methods such as Scrum, Kanban, Lean thinking and Agile Leadership. Using the in-house developed ‘Agile Management Framework’, we are also able to familiarize those at managerial level in companies with agile processes. The agile42 team enjoys a global presence, operating in addition to the German-language area in countries such as the USA, Russia, Italy and Norway; it advises clients on the transition from conventional methods such as waterfall or V-Model XT to agile approaches. The coaching and training by qualified experts is practically-focussed and addresses the challenges facing the client in a targeted manner. The unique mix of involving all those concerned with the project, the detailed provision of knowledge and individual coaching during day-to-day working guarantees a successful switch to agile methods. 

COMPRION GmbH is the worldwide leading manufacturer of test equipment for
- Terminal testing
- Smart Card testing and
- Monitoring for both contact based and contactless devices.
Based on our involvement in a number of standardisation and regulation organisations, we are providing our customers with innovative products equivalent to their needs throughout the complete development process until the final product launch. We are proud of our highly-qualified employees and our long standing experience which has enabled us to reach stability and continuity.

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Marion Eickmann

I am one of the founders of agile42. Even though I am not an engineer I consider myself almost a "Techi" as I have been working in the field of software development for 10 years now.
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Image of marion

Marion Eickmann

I am one of the founders of agile42. Even though I am not an engineer I consider myself almost a "Techi" as I have been working in the field of software development for 10 years now.

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Marion Eickmann

I am one of the founders of agile42. Even though I am not an engineer I consider myself almost a "Techi" as I have been working in the field of software development for 10 years now.

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