agile42 introduces Agile Rubber-Stamp for Enterprises™

We see that many big enterprises want big enterprise agility. For this reason, agile42 is today introducing the Agile Rubber-Stamp for Enterprises™, a collection of practices that provide a one-size-fits-all approach to agility at scale.

The framework is based on stuff that worked a couple of years ago for a couple of large companies. These companies used continuous improvement techniques to develop the methods that we have now copied into the framework, and they have also evolved on from there. Unfortunately continuous improvement is old news and difficult to sell, so our framework carefully omits the underlying philosophy and jumps straight into product portfolio management with a dozen new roles and committees. As we all know, past practice is best practice!

Despite the fact that 99,9% of all companies are significantly smaller and are facing different problems, we believe that these practices will be useful for all companies. If some practices turn out not to be useful, then the framework can of course be tailored. In fact, we recommend that you tailor the framework before you deploy it. If you feel that the framework is so complicated that you don’t understand how it works, we recommend the services of our cadre of trained and certified ARSe™ Holistic Organizational-Lean Educators.

The implementation of ARSe™ will naturally be entirely risk free. We are not entirely sure how the transition is to be actually carried out, but we leave this little detail up to our consultants. After the transition, you will be agile! If your transition succeeds, it is proof that ARSe™ works. If it doesn’t succeed, it’s clear that you didn’t do it right.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. We hope it will work for you, too!

Have a nice day – April 1st, 2014 that is!

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