Oct. 9, 2014

Scrum Gathering Berlin - September 2014

Some info on the Scrum Gathering in Berlin which took place in September 2014

Recently we had the amazing opportunity to sponsor the scrum gathering in Berlin. Since our company Headquarters are also in Berlin, this was of course an opportunity we couldn't pass up. Because we had the home advantage, many of us attended the Gathering (some who were there were not even in the picture, if can you guess who's missing, let us know in the comments.)

agile42 Booth Agile42 group

In case you wonder what the towels are for, I guess you missed the reference to the Hitchhikers Guide.


This year the Scrum Alliance got some amazing keynote speakers, from very different backgrounds and who are not directly working in the Scrum Community, but their work has not gone unnoticed in the Agile community. Dave Snowden has been speaking about how organisations should stop working towards goals, but instead start looking for what is possible now. Don Reinertsen's challenges some Lean dogma, and disqualifies some of them, and explains some are just not applicable in a certain context. Finally the closing Keynote of the conference was by Richard Sheridan, who shares a story on how he build a company based on the principles of eXtreme Programing on steriods.

Monday, September 22, 2014 - Prof. Dave Snowden

Enabling the organisation as a complex eco-system

Tuesday, September 23, 2014 - Don Reinertsen

Exploiting Uncertainty: Thriving in a Stochastic World

Wednesday, September 24, 2014 - Richard Sheridan

The Business Value of Joy


Visual Recording

During the gathering, the keynote and various other sessions were 'visually recorded' by the awesome Benjamin Felis. As an example you can see the visual recording of Don Reinertsen keynote below.

Other Sessions

There were many other great sessions, among them one from our awesome Bent Myllerup and Andrea Tomasino on Effectively Coaching Agile Teams.

Slides and other info on all the sessions at the Scrum Gathering can be found here.

Agile is everywhere

After hearing such amazing stories about Scrum the Hotel Staff of the Intercontinental Hotel in Berlin was convinced. See below the evidence of their daily standup.

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Niels Verdonk

Agile preacher, I work with teams and try to facilitate a motivating, inspiring and fun environment to deliver quality software.
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Image of nverdo

Niels Verdonk

Agile preacher, I work with teams and try to facilitate a motivating, inspiring and fun environment to deliver quality software.

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