Nov. 18, 2015

Celebrating Ten Years of “Don’t Panic” at agile42 Connect

agile42 Connect has been a wonderful occasion to gather clients, our coaching team and Agile thought leaders for two days in Berlin

In December 2005, the concept for the company you know today as agile42 was discussed for the first time. Our vision was to make a difference to how work gets done for people, for teams and for whole organizations by creating environments based on trust, transparency and collaboration. Now, nearly 10 years later, we are proud to reflect on the many awesome people we met and challenging projects we realized with our clients.

We thought it was the time to share, to give back some of the many things we've learned over the years. Many of our clients have asked about an agile42 conference, bringing together them, our coaching team and some agile thought leaders, and this year we made it happen.

Marion Eickmann and Andrea Tomasini with Dave Snowden

This is why we invited a small number of clients and friends for the first edition of agile42 Connect last week in Berlin at the Pirates event location near the beautiful Oberbaumbrücke. We started our event with a full-day workshop by Dave Snowden (see photo above) one of the leading fig­ures in the move­ment towards integration of humanistic approaches to knowledge management. The workshop focused on User Requirements as a "radical beginning of the Agile Journey".

The second day has been devoted to shared presentations by our clients and friends, with sessions that allowed an exchange of information between Agile practitioners that have a common language thanks to the coaching of agile42 but different backgrounds: small teams, large teams, established companies, startups.

To kickstart the discussions, a presentation by Andrea Tomasini co-founder of agile42 and the keynote offered by Richard Sheridan of Menlo Innovations that explained how it's possible to create an intentional team culture focused on the business value of joy and unleash the human energy and the results you always knew were possible.

Andrea Tomasini at agile42 Connect

And since fun it's always been an important part of the agile42 way of learning and working, we have linked the two working days with an evening of dinner and party, topped by the comedy, cabaret and music double-act Carrington Brown.

You can read more on our agile42 Connect section of this site, where we also view the resources the presenters have kindly shared with us, and check the online comment on Twitter with the hastag #a42connect.

Looking forward to a future, larger edition. And we keep on repeating our company motto, the one sewn on our towels, always “Don’t Panic”!

Image of marion

Marion Eickmann

I am one of the founders of agile42. Even though I am not an engineer I consider myself almost a "Techi" as I have been working in the field of software development for 10 years now.
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Image of marion

Marion Eickmann

I am one of the founders of agile42. Even though I am not an engineer I consider myself almost a "Techi" as I have been working in the field of software development for 10 years now.

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