Oct. 11, 2016

Presenting at Agile Coaching Amsterdam Meetup

agile42's Javier Perez recently presented at the Agile Coaching Amsterdam meetup

The meetup was hosted by Irdeto in Hoofddorp, who served some excellent food before the meetup started. Javier Perez presented his learnings as a Scrum Master and Agile Coach from the perspective of the Scarf Model.

Javier Perez at Agile Coaching Amsterdam Meetup

Inspired by the presentation from javier, some topics were idenified to be discussed further in smaller breakout groups. There were five topics identified and there were some useful insights in the breakout sessions. Some things worth mentioning during the presentation of the breakout results were:

Management 3.0 - Delegation Board/Poker

The poker cards can be used to determine the maturity of the team in regards to some responsibilities. There are seven levels of delegation; Tell, Sell, Consult, Agree, Advise, Inquire and Delegate. The board can visualize these levels for various responsibilities. This can then be used to determine what is needed for the team to move certain responsibilities to the next stage.

Drexlet-Sibbit Team Model

Some models about team performance were discussed, probably the most well known is the Tuckman Model of Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing. The Drexlet-Sibbit Model consists of seven stages and is more indepth about the needs for each of the stage, defining what is needed for teams to advance to the next level and what risks are there to fall back to the previous level.

5 dysfunctions of a team - Patrick Lencioni

Another model based on the book from Patrick Lencioni, written as a novell about a fictitious Management Team. In it Lencioni describes the Maslov pyramid of team performance. otherwise known as the the 5 dysfunctions of a team.

  1. Absence of Trust
  2. Fear of Conflict
  3. Lack of Commitment
  4. Avoidance of Accountability
  5. Inattention to Results

Here the slides of Javier's presentation.

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Niels Verdonk

Agile preacher, I work with teams and try to facilitate a motivating, inspiring and fun environment to deliver quality software.
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Image of nverdo

Niels Verdonk

Agile preacher, I work with teams and try to facilitate a motivating, inspiring and fun environment to deliver quality software.

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