Team Development and Productivity: a Meet the Coach Webinar

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A new event in the Meet the Coach webinar series by agile42 Sweden: the second webinar is taking place on Thursday, November 7 at 1 pm Central European Time and coach Magnus Kollberg will discuss “Team Development and Productivity”.

To work in teams is becoming more and more popular and many organizations are shifting to a team-based approach. This might happen for different reasons, other companies are doing it, it’s imposed by a framework, hope for productivity gains to mention a few.

But what
do we actually mean with a team, how does a new team differ from one
that has been around for some time and what is the correlation to
productivity? And is there anything we can do to help a team to improve
their collaboration and productivity?

In this event, we will shed
some light on the above and look at some models for Team development to
increase our understanding of what’s going on. With this, together with
some tools that can be useful, we will be in a better position to help a
team to grow.

This event is suitable for anyone interested in helping teams become more productive. You can register for free using the link on 

You will get a confirmation email with instructions on how to join the webinar.