Why do you need a corporate learning program?

Organizing a corporate training program is a challenging and time-consuming task and educating people into new roles can be daunting.

With the agile42 Corporate Learning Program, we want to make your life easier.

Corporate Learning Program

Since 2007 we have been helping companies change the way they work in a profitable and sustainable way. In that time we have developed a variety of training programs and tailored them to the specific needs of each unique client. Altogether, we have run more than 1600 classes with more than 16.000 participants all around the world and we have certified more than 5.700 Scrum Masters through the Scrum Alliance and more with other bodies, such as the Kanban University. Last year alone we trained more than 4700 people in 17 countries.

As your expert partners on your organizational journey, we can satisfy the need for different learning styles in different formats. From small companies to large enterprises, across many industries, we provide qualified consulting and coaching services with tangible results, as well as a wide range of agile training courses, addressing the needs of every level in the organization.

We design our training to be interactive and applicable, incorporating participants’ feedback to make sure that the training sessions answer strategic and practical questions. With the support of accelerated learning, visualization and hands-on activities we increase the engagement and involvement of the participants, and we make sure that the lessons learned become a part of daily work.

Want to know more? Leave us your email address (or phone number) and you can download a PDF with the details of the agile42 corporate learning program. Our team will optionally get in touch with you to discuss a solution for your organization.