Agile Strategy at Women in Tech Africa 2020

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I am happy to be a speaker at Women in Tech Africa will be taking place on 18-19 March 2020. The two-day exhibition and conference is hosted at the Century City Conference Centre (CCCC) in Cape Town, South Africa.

I will talk about Agile and agility, for me, is the ability of the organization to react to change with speed and ease. In ten years of working with organizations, I have come to learn that agile development teams are not enough and that we need to take a more strategic view of agility and approach it from an organizational level. Our strategy is our first step to agility.

In my session, we will, therefore, take a high-level view of agility and then a deep dive into the Agile Strategy Map as a tool for exploring and visualizing strategy in an agile way.

The Agile Strategy Map is both a true map and a living, responsive tool that adapts to exactly where you are. Your goal is your true North, giving you direction, and the elements of Past, Present, and Future help to orient you in time and space. You can also track the progress of your experiments in real time, connect related factors, update the status of the factors influencing your strategy, and much more.

It will be a real workshop with these key takeaways:

  •   A high-level overview of agility
  •   What makes a difference to organizational agility
  •   The Agile Strategy Map, a tool for mapping and visualizing strategy at different levels of granularity
  •   Some ideas for how to operationalize the strategy

Join me in the session “How to become an Agile Master” on March 18th. Please note that this is a workshop that requires pre-registration.